Q&A: Question:best way to see the nature of Alaska?

Question by bleu l: Question:best way to see the nature of Alaska?
We are a yound couple live in Florida and plan to visit Alaska in Sept. All our co-workers took cruise. Is this the best way to see the nature beauty of Alaska?Other travelers recommended Alaska Marine Highway ferries . Any idea?

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  1. Glacierwolf says:

    I’ve been in Alaska a very long time – and am one of the few people who have seen the entire state. I am a certifed Alaskan hunter safety instructor and a professonal nature photographer.

    Most of the tour packages are geared to low impact viewing by older people. Some of the things these tours do is pretty cool – like the train between Fairbanks and Anchorage that goes past Denali National Park – but most I think you can do without. The Marine Highway is great the first time – I recommend coming up that route, but, going home a different route.

    Sept is not a bad time to come up. Not uncommon to see the aurora that early – some of my best photos are from Sept 4th last year. Many of the animals are old enough to strike out on ther own, and, these are by far the easiest ones to find, view, and photograph.

    Most of the best viewing is off the paved roads. And many of Alaska’s highways are improved dirt roads – very, very wide and you can do 55mph on them, but, all the rental car companies flatly prohibit driving their cars on these roads. So, you need to either drive up or know someone where you can borrow a set of wheels.

    Space is limited here. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I live in North Pole and work in Fairbanks.