Sorry idk what’s wrong with me but I can never keep these short! But I’m in Alaska for the state fair here! It’s my first time here so it’s coooool. I’ve been recording this week. Got to spend time in Utah and see my family and hang out with them! Got to see my friends a little bit too. The tour is over for the Summer, but I’m looking forward to the shows in a couple of months!

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25 Responses to Alaska

  1. crystal20ak says:

    I can c ur excited. Pionty mountains LOL. Yep mountains all around us.

  2. 11m3trostation says:

    Are you at Aleyeska Resort?

  3. mollym53 says:

    Omgx4 I seriously JUST noticed that was David. My friend pointed that out. -..-

  4. hotstuff58450 says:


  5. ashleyanfamily says:

    I hate it here in Alaska

  6. gatitoferos2010 says:

    hey yuo so cute and olldotime you smail

  7. melissaluvsld says:

    The longer the vlog the better 🙂

  8. JesusIsDaBomb1 says:

    As an alaskan I’m flattered you enjoyed our state!!! Hope you enjoyed the fair!!

  9. MegaCecilia18 says:

    que guapo!!! amo!!! sus ojos!!!! es tan hermoso completamente hermoso!!! amo su sonrisa!!! no para de sonreir lo amooo!

  10. Jasdette147 says:

    @victoriaisntsosecret i feel bad for him though.. doesn’t get too much sun.. 🙁

  11. TheWizardxyz says:

    @donh6 LOL I know..

  12. donh6 says:

    @dabreezie2004 he still silly as hell!

  13. victoriaisntsosecret says:

    @donh6 He’s a happy young man! If being joyful and sweet is silly, then he’s the most silly guy on earth!…T-that was a compliment…It sounded a LOT better in my mind though…yeah…awkward..but anyway!

  14. victoriaisntsosecret says:

    @Jasdette147 I’mna have to disagree with you! lol. I think the Puffy Cheeks-B-Gone video was where he was the most pale, but hey! It’s your opinion, and I respect that! lol. Hi!

  15. 3BsAlaska says:

    come back to AK ples ples ples!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 0108498 says:

    I went to that concert. I live in alaska.

  17. PurrtygirlfromRussia says:

    i went to your concert your soooooooo hot omg eeeeeeepppppppp.^_^

  18. Jasdette147 says:

    wow. He’s so pale. I think that’s the video blog where he is the most pale in all of his video blog.. 🙂

  19. gagne625 says:

    i was there..its a little late now, but i was there!! great show too!!

  20. onyxaskit says:

    i love you lol im sorry i couldnt come to ur concert my mom was busy =[ but my friends say it was cool come next year!!!!!1

  21. justwannahavefun123 says:

    aww… He’s so adorable!

  22. nyatio says:

    does he wearing a lenses?….

  23. 12iLoVeYa12 says:

    seriously he is the cutest thing ever 😀 have fun in alaska

  24. ElijahJaredStone says:

    What a beautiful soul. He is the real deal.

  25. pinkdiva181 says:

    You have the most beautiful eyes i’ve ever seen! your so sweet and gorgeous.