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Question by kerambit: alaska cruise?
After our Canadian Rockies package tour, we wish to go on a Alaska inside passage cruise. Where do you board the cruise in Vancouver and what is the best way to get there ? cab? C$? Which hotel would you recommend that we post stay after the cruise before our return flight home? nearer to airport or Vancouver town??

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The cruise port in Vancouver is right downtown. Its actually a cruise port and convention center. Your best bet is to take a taxi as carrying luggage on a public bus is prohibitive, even if you know the way. There are reasonably priced hotel in or near downtown, like about 0 US a day and a cab ride to the port will cost about to from the hotel.

Many inside passage cruises are one-way, meaning that the ship does not bring you back to Vancouver. So you need to be sure that your cruise does that if that’s what you want. Otherwise you will have to arrange to fly back home from Anchorage, or Fairbanks. OR, if you pick the cruise lines that start in Anchorage, fly there and then end your cruise in Vancouver. It is a long bus ride to the Vancouver airport from the cruise port. But your cruise ship can usually arrange a transfer for you to the airport (more expensive than doing your own) If you take a taxi you pay one far for two or three people; cruise ship transfers are generally like a person.

We were just in Vancouver and stayed at a Holiday Inn on Broadway which is easily accessible to the cruise port.

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