Alaska cruise/vacation with senior citizens and teenagers?

Question by Phillip S: Alaska cruise/vacation with senior citizens and teenagers?
We’re planning to go on a cruise to Alaska in June/July with 14 and 17 year olds kids and 75 year old grandparents. Grandfather will have trouble if there is too much walking.
We are looking at the Holland America Line. Not sure how that compares with other lines.
We’d like to go inland to Denali if possible, but not sure if that would be too hard or too much extra time.
Any info on if there are a number of teenagers that go on these cruises?
Any personal experiences you can share?

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Answer by Klondike John
An alaska Cruise is the utmost! The scenery, the wildlife, and the time together.

Southeast Aalska (most folks refer to it as the Inside Passage) is a very different and unique part of Alaska, and with your plans to go into Alaska’s interior; you are paring with a great opportunity.

The Alaska trips tend to be geared more for the older crowd, once the younger set sees all that Alaska is, and they realize their cell phones really do work in the North, well things work themselves out. The cruise demographics are changing, and visitor profiles are changing with them.

Holland America is geared more toward the traditional cruising client. Princes is another good choice for cruising up North.

The difference is really in the size of the ship and number of passengers. Holland sails with three class of ships with passenger loads equating to: 1200, 1400, and 1800 for the largest ship. Princess steps up to 2800 passengers.

Each gives you a very high quality product.

For the Interior, especially Denali, make sure you look at going to the deepest part of the park, Kantishna. It is the end of the park road, offering great views of the mountain (weather permitting), and of course critters!

I am including the web site for my company which offers all of the above. We also offer a very inclusive program; meals, attractions, and much more. We also host travel seminars innearly all parts of the United States, and offer a free DVD for the asking showing what, and how we do things.

As an Alaska travel proffessional, I can assure you, you are headed in the right direction. Feel free to call our “800” number, and they will forward my personal cell number should you have any specific questions. We also provide references on request from previous travellers.

Thanks for thinking of Alaska!


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