Alaska Marine Highway and Pets…?

Question by Stephanie R: Alaska Marine Highway and Pets…?
I know you can take along pets… but it says “Pets must remain in a vehicle OR and kennel durning the voyage” Now does that mean the kennel would be allowed in the cabin? Or does the kennel need to be in the car?

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Answer by eric the great
I wish someone would also answer this question. I want to do it in my RV, but don’t understand how it works. I may just call them to find out. I got a tourism book of the ferry system, but it didn’t really address this.

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  1. Akida says:

    the kennel must remain on the deck below in the car. They will call for all passenegers with pets to go to their animals periodoically for a 15 minute “potty break”.Then you have 15 mintues to let them out and claen up there mess. Sounds very stressful to me, we chose to leave our pet in AK, when we came back.