Alaska Marine Highway – Inside Passage –

After driving the Alcan Highway from Anchorage to Skagway, it’s time to take the adventure to sea. Here is a four day cruise down Alaska’s famous Inside Passage via the Alaska Marine Highway.

I’ve ridden ferry boats in the English Channel, Sea of Ireland, NY Harbor, Cook Strait, and others, but this is the longest ferry boat ride I’ve ever been on. Original Melody, with me on guitar and rack harmonica.
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3 Responses to Alaska Marine Highway – Inside Passage –

  1. GotBait says:

    Great little series. I was looking forward to some video of Fairhaven when you got off the boat in Bellingham. < My hometown. Keep up the great vids we love watching dwn here in Homer.

  2. insidepassageart says:

    It sure is, xenalaskan. It was a privilege to ride. Also later I found out those waters are among the most important on the planet for sea life. The place is a lot more mysterious even than it seems.

  3. xenalaskan says:

    Southeast Alaska is definitely the best place in the world to take the longest ferry ride of your life.