Alaska Seal Pup Rescue

We found this four day old pup on a beach near Homer, Alaska. He had been in the same area for a few days, he was very skinny, overheated and dehydrated. After sending a picture to the Alaska Sealife Center, we were told he was abandoned and should be rescued. Please do not attempt to rescue any marine mammal without first consulting your local rescue hotline.
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14 Responses to Alaska Seal Pup Rescue

  1. happiecharlene says:

    “We’re gonna wrap you like a burrito,Just like a burrito!”

  2. bloschad says:

    Great job!!!!

  3. petlovergirll says:

    @SUPAlaska ~ The latest entry for Port on the Alaska Sea Life website is 6/24: “Today was Port’s first day of fish school! He chased live fish for a while before losing interest.” To see updates, go to alaskasealife site and search seal rescue, then click “current patients”. I’m so happy for Port!

  4. MrWienerschnitzels says:

    where’s my club?

  5. EvaPunk333 says:

    Aww the poor baby. Glad he’s doing better

  6. indiempathy says:

    omg i almost cried lol. so adorable.

  7. nathanrivera91 says:

    I knew there we’re some people who still care

  8. SUPAlaska says:

    UPDATE: We named the seal pup “Port” to keep with the Alaska Sealife Center’s “Wine and Cheese” theme for 2011. He has gained some weight and shifted to a fish formula diet. He’s now strong enough to swim and can stay outside during the day, not enough blubber to spend the whole night outside though. This week he got to try chasing live fish for the first time. They think he will be able to be released in August.

  9. theendofalice says:


  10. BobcatRosie says:

    Awwww, poor little guy. What a sweet, touching video. You are wonderful, caring people. A big THANK YOU to you for saving him.

  11. nobradors says:

    She’s totally too cute. Plz keep us posted!

  12. Linnusx5 says:

    Great job, guys. I’m glad to see that there’s still a lot of people who cares about animals. =]

  13. Princessbutterflyspa says:

    Amazing. Well done! What a cutie.

  14. BLBITO says:

    Bless your hearts for helping this poor little guy! Outstanding!