Alaska Set to Release Thousands of Palin Emails

Alaska is poised to release more than 24000 pages of emails Friday from the first 21 months of former governor Sarah Palin’s administration. Citizens and news organizations first requested the emails during the 2008 White House race. (June 9)
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Two survivors of a Mega Tsunami tell their stories of the day the 1/2km high wave hit Lituya Bay.
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50 Responses to Alaska Set to Release Thousands of Palin Emails

  1. Brentsey says:

    Palin needs a black cock up her tight holes

  2. infernalphast9 says:

    BTW, this is all just total yellow journalism- oops- i forgot. that’s what Mother Media dresses up in anymore. people just eat it all up like candy. want to know what is really going on, rather than what the news tells you (even about her stooopid e-mails)? do your own research into things; stop letting Momma Media & the Fat Cats spoon feed you information.

  3. infernalphast9 says:

    God, this is such a waste- she’s really not “all that”- this country has ALOT more to worry about than someone else’s dirt- what’s she supposedly done; who cares? the gov’t is just trying to make ppl look the other way: the US is in such a mess. none of the big wigs (our taxes are paying) know what the devil they’re doing, (or care). 3 wars, losses of jobs, benefits, life savings, homes, gas prices, social programs, retirement & borders, for pete’s sake. yep, i just have to see those e-mails.

  4. MrFalsereligion says:

    @hawkermustang puss <---- is spelled like this.

  5. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang yep, the right wing puppeteers that control him sure are making some selfish choices.

    What we need is another “bush”… too stupid to understand what he’s doing. At least then he might do something good, by random of course. Maybe Sarah Palin, she’s a hypocritical moron too and she’ll give up her spot halfway through term. Or maybe Rush, I mean, he’s good at knowing when to cut his losses and run (like he did with his dying wife).

  6. btwall60 says:

    Well, what you will not find in Sarah’s emails is that she is such a Left wing lunatic that she gets off sending pics of her privates to underage girls. Much like Weiner and his DIRECT sexts to an underage young girl in New Castle Delaware whom the local Police have been talking to with her Mom today. Weiner says he did not do it, but he’s been lying 4 15 days now. He’s going into pedophile territory, she was probably 16 when he sent the sexts. Searching her emails/ignoring Weiner is incredible.

  7. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix Whatever guy, Obama is doing a horrible job as president with his ivy league degree.

  8. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix Why are you so interested in cock and and editing? You should take your degree and and try getting yourself your dream job as a Playgirl editor.

  9. falcondriver100 says:

    Our media is such a joke. Maybe if they’d have done thier jobs & vetted Obama like this we wouldn’t be looking at an impending depression. Fucking disgraceful. They’re so scared of her they’ll do ANYTHING to smear this woman.

  10. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang see your comment “Fuck the liberal co*k smoking press!” was bait, you were going trollin for liberal “scum” to bash. Which, might I add is funny how you said fuck but yet censored cock… I’m inclined to think that you have placed a value on the word cock, making it “extra dirty”. So, let’s dive into your past and find the root of your hate… think back to when you first started putting a high value on penis. try and remember how you felt, talk to your wife, she’ll understand

  11. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang I’m not going to prove anything to you, which eliminates the first 3 sentences. Regarding “I’m liberal or wouldn’t have been offended”, I wasn’t offended by what you said- if you weren’t guilty of exactly the same thing. Saying something like that just means “I worship at the alter of beck and I only breath foxygen”. And that’s just hypocritical- just as liberal media is bias, so to is conservative media. Just to different extremes. Following either religiously is uneducated.

  12. hawkermustang says:

    @MrFalsereligion Hahahaha Puscakes!

  13. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix I can tell you are a spoiled little momma’s boy that had daddy pay for your ivy league degree. If you’re not lying, which you probably are. Why don’t you do like I did silver spoon, join the military instead of making mommy pay for your college? And yes you’re lying about not being a liberal or you wouldn’t have been offended by my comment. So the degree is a lie to. Also its always liberal loons that try to point out grammatical errors. Pathetic.

  14. MrFalsereligion says:

    @hawkermustang way to go mate, you deflected it right off of you

    spoken like a true right wing fag job.

  15. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang yeah, I bet you do. Fruitcake? No Punctuation on anything you type (except the incorrect kind). I’m not “liberal” I’m an American. I am critical of anyone serving in the government. I would never be a blind follower… you see, that’s NOT American, that’s wanting to fit it because it’s what THEIR stupid parents taught them, and what they’ll teach their stupid kids- and so on. I can tell, without any doubt at all that you are high school graduate (at best).

  16. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix If that was my perspective, I would be a democrat. lol

  17. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix I make plenty of money fruitcake, and I also have a degree. What does that prove really? George Washington was self taught. I guess you would look down your liberal nose, show him your degree, and think you were superior to him? Obama couldn’t carry his water.

  18. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang Yeah, I can see how that’s funny… well I can see how it’s funny if you’re a grown man who’s accomplished nothing and is laughing out of the discomfort he’s feeling- knowing that he’s squandered his chance at life and has amounted to nothing. From that perspective, it’s hilarious.

  19. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix You got a degree! lol

  20. ladylordess says:

    @starraider113 You may want to consider laying off the Kool-aid and facing reality, for real CHANGE.

  21. Polydynamix says:

    @hawkermustang right… “boy”… that’s funny. I have a bachelors of science from MIT, what are your credentials? I can tell you’re either a kid or an idiot, and possibly both. I can think circles around you- but still you strive to prove some sort of superiority. It would be my best guess because you’re a failure in real life. Keep trollin.

  22. qpwillie says:

    When something is proven, it doesn’t matter who proves it. It was proved by the facts and everybody but you had to admit it and shut their sleazy mouths. The whole story started with one of those goofy chain emails and leftists were stupid enough to believe it.

  23. hawkermustang says:

    @Polydynamix Ok boy, go back to your cartoons.

  24. qpwillie says:

    Sorry, I seem to have replied to the wrong comment.

  25. Standonarock says:

    Lets hold liberals accountable. I want every liners emails released especially Obama’s Senate. You have to play offense instead of defense. Liberals always want us to defend their insane claims. We have to show how insane they are.,

  26. zebby99 says:

    lucky bastards

  27. blacknganga says:

    @nubman0 However,it wasn’t really a “wave” that was half a k high, but the water “ran up” to that height, or “splashed” to that height.

  28. LukezFilmz says:

    I was On SBTV and now i am on BBC o.O

  29. ellbo2 says:

    You’re gonna need a bigger boat…

  30. tpowers85 says:

    background music from the Fugitive haha

  31. flightboy says:

    @WatchAndLearn4 bbc programs are sold to other channels so its prob why 🙂

  32. YUGIOH330 says:


  33. McRazorBlade says:

    @Minurath Why reply a week later? Let it drop kid.

  34. Minurath says:

    @McRazorBlade If your point was to troll around and/or fail at distances, you certainly got your point across.

  35. 666is999backwards says:

    testing there HARP weapons

  36. MrPlu1 says:

    Fest hos Mange!

  37. xbsl123x says:

    what the fuck? BBC adverts? ive already paid my fucking tv license

  38. valerie3050pretty says:

    i am right near the ocean and it was late at night and my spine started curling

  39. raran44 says:

    It’s just a matter of time – all the cliffs and mountains around the bay, factor in the erosion from the water, someday more land will fall into the bay and start rumbling. It will happen again.

  40. nubman0 says:

    accurately 1 mile = 1609.344 meters

    “kilo” means 10^3, so 1 kilometer = 10^3 meters = 1000 meters

    that wave was 500 meters high

    lol McRazorblade

  41. Travmapunk says:

    MrSistermaryelephant says:
    “i pooped in my own hand today”

  42. creesyboyjr says:

    @creesyboyjr sorry McRazorblade i lol’ed’ at the wrong guy =P i meant the other guy =)

  43. creesyboyjr says:

    @McRazorBlade lol at you =)

  44. ConnaireEmery says:

    @McRazorBlade I don’t even know how to respond to your stupidity, I genuinely feel sorry for you.

  45. ZADR0TiK says:


  46. gallienflea says:

    @McRazorBlade you haven’t been to primary school obviously because a mile is 1600 meters, and a kilometer is 1000 meters. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT before you go on correcting people, kiiid

  47. doiremick86 says:

    @McRazorBlade Plus here’s another clue…no-one else agrees with you they agree with me or is everybody else stupid too?

  48. doiremick86 says:

    @McRazorBlade Go on google and type in what is a mile in metres, I thought the plain english approach would have worked explaining that kilo means 1000, does that mean that 1000 kilograms isn’t a ton and it’s actually 1.61 tons? Here’s another silly question where did you get the information that a mile is 1.61 kilometres? Did you type it into google and realise I’m right and your wrong so you put together a load of insults to make yourself feel better about it and still not admit 1000m is a km?

  49. McRazorBlade says:

    @treethuggerben learn how to spell moron you lollipop!

  50. treethuggerben says:

    @McRazorBlade HAHAHA you moran