Alaska Show Highlights

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin headlines a “Tax Day” rally outside the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. Palin was quick to criticize President Barack Obama while emphasizing the importance of the 2012 election period. State authorities estimate 6500 people were at the rally. Recorded Saturday, April 16, 2011.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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49 Responses to Alaska Show Highlights

  1. starwars96 says:

    That manager is so… precise. ONE crab, and ONE herpee

  2. mtehreaper says:

    @doorock42 He’s climbing in THEIR window!

  3. S08Shockwave says:

    7 people have had their smiles run away from their penises.

  4. NintendoSuperStar2 says:

    Yes, Brent. I AM in the mood for a sex.

  5. Vip3rC4in0022 says:

    I laughed so hard at the crab part

  6. azal8521 says:

    @SLOKO98 My family lives in florida lols

  7. azal8521 says:

    @brentalfloss WTH YOU WERE IN ALASKAI wanted to see you D:
    I’m probably too young to even step foot in there anyways >.>

  8. Silentsenior09 says:

    @eamodec Damn you autocorrect! You’ve claimed another victim. x_x

  9. SLOKO98 says:

    I’m gonna laugh if an alaskin comes to the Florida

  10. HealySir says:

    looks like 7 people weren’t in the mood for a sex.

  11. mansen970319 says:

    @doorock42 maybe it was a bed intruder nearby

  12. fuckatron5000 says:

    lol the freezeezzy peak song should get lyricized

  13. Xero293 says:

    brent should be offended that rebecca black is in the related videos

  14. eamodec says:

    @eamodec any “Time” I ment. (Stupid iPhone…)

  15. Radkennster says:

    Mad libs are funny as hell haha

    more pokemon mad libs! haha

  16. villevn says:

    Awesome stuff man. Keep it up! 🙂

  17. TeenageNintendoGamer says:

    That mad lib should be on your next album XD

  18. eamodec says:

    R u coming to Indianapolis any rime?

  19. Pokemonpowerman says:

    I want those Mad Lib songs to be professionally made and put on YouTube

  20. oodragonrideroo says:


  21. oodragonrideroo says:

    I feel that Sunny West Palm Beach should be stop 🙂

  22. oodragonrideroo says:

    @TateyTack haha I thought the same thing!!

  23. TateyTack says:

    at 2:45 there’s antoine dodson in the background

  24. Evilstewie831 says:

    “flORIDA!……. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!?!” haha best line ever

  25. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ” Why are you obsessed by this private citizen” Private citizen? You mean that reality show bimbo whom I did not misquote in any way called Sarah ”the 2008 laughing stock” Palin? Yeah she’s not a private citizen, a private citizen doesn’t need a campaign, oh sorry, ”Tour” bus to travel. Just tell me why you would vote for such a humongous power hungry freak?

  26. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ”The same ass who has dug us into this economic mess??” How come you retards always forget who got us in this economic mess in the first place? You know, that texan retard George w. Bush who looks like a freaking monkey and his staff of morons who got us in 2 never ending wars and who let the wall street sharks do whatever the fuck they wanted until they fucked this country up. Yeah that’s the one you should blame, not the one who just can’t make up for the other fucktard’s mistakes.

  27. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin President liked all over the world? You mean the same buffon who is laughed at in european countries and Israel who are afraid of him??The same president that was told to “cool” down by the CHINESE government on his spending spree??? The same ass who has dug us into this economic mess?? LOL yea right…so point proven, you lied, misquoted her and misrepresented her statement. Why are you obsessed by this private citizen if she has no chance of being elected into office? LMAO!!!

  28. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 Just keep on defending her buddy, no matter what that insane bitch said, no matter if she prays for war in iraq, you know damn well people would never elect her in office. We have a president that’s liked all over the world right now, you want to go back 4 years ago when the entire world mocked and hates us and thought we were a bunch of retards?

  29. fbi10 says:

    cont: even in that same segment with Gibson, Palin told him that she was “referencing Abraham’s Lincoln’s words on how one should never presume to know God’s will.” She said she does not presume to know God’s will and that she was only asking the audience to “pray that we are on God’s side.”

    Like i’ve been telling you, you misquoted and misrepresented what she was saying….this exact exchange just shows why YOU are a liberal ignorant, hypocritical drone. You’re pathetic…

  30. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin again, misquoted what she was saying and that is why i debunked u:

    “Pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also for this country, that our leaders, our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God. That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that that plan is God’s plan.”

    she was clearly asking for the church TO PRAY THAT IT IS a task from God, not asserting that it is a task from God.

  31. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 Again with you saying I misquote her, go look at the video you fucking moron. a task that is from god! Were her words.

  32. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin cool he’s a law graduate, what were his grades? Law graduate and ignores the law and passes unconstitutional bills…hmmm. Well, u mentioned Palin and the presidency, did you not? It seems only fitting. Stop playing the victim, drone. Yes you did misquote her and proof of that you completely took what she said out of context and didn’t even know who she was referring to. Journalism degree from a CC?? You ARE ignorant LOL!!! she got her degree from the University of Idaho, dumb ass

  33. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 Obama is a harvard law graduate, your bimbo got a degree in journalism at a community college XD And seriously why do you keep on talking about Obama? You think I’m some die hard Obama fanatic? God you conservatives are stupid. ”only to you…you just misquoted palin about a “holy war” I did not misquote you precious little Palin in any way, the ”war in Iraq is a task from God and it’s God’s plan!” video is on youtube, go check it out loser.

  34. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin only to you…you just misquoted palin about a “holy war” and you want to be taken seriously??? oh please, child…compared to Palin, Biden/Obama both combined with a -3 IQ LMAO!!!!

  35. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ”she cost the election when she came up mccain came back from a, i think 10 point deficit, to a 10 point lead” And then dropped massively after giving terrible interviews where she showed her lack of intelligence.

  36. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ”“pray that we are on God’s side.” Yep that’s not what she said, the video is here on youtube just look it up ” Our national leaders are sending them on a task that is from God, that plan is God’s plan!” That is her quote, how misinformed are you? Do you know anything about this complete idiot? I did not call you a redneck, I said you were like those rednecks on King of the hill. Big difference, it’s alot of words to comprehend I know 😉

  37. fbi10 says:

    cont: she “DIDN’T lose 08…

    sorry for that typo…

  38. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin exactly how did she cost the election when she came up mccain came back from a, i think 10 point deficit, to a 10 point lead, i believe. Rednecks? So now you are some sort of racist? In what way am i a redneck, please explain….???

    So you can’t rebuttal…interesting…

  39. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin So you never heard of Lincoln and how one should never presume to know God’s will. She said she does not presume to know God’s will and that she was only asking the audience to:

    “pray that we are on God’s side.” (from Lincoln)

    right so stating a fact is “making something up”…man, you are ignorant.

  40. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ”She did lose 08, she wasn’t even the front runner, dumb ass” Yeah no shit, she still cost Mccain the election lol. Just keep on going defending her it’s freaking hilarious! You’re like those rednecks on king of the hill!

  41. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin She did lose 08, she wasn’t even the front runner, dumb ass LOL!! If she can’t win the presidency, why are you idiotic liberals obsessed with her in everything she dones and writes (emails? bus tour???)…hmmmm

  42. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 ”Sarah was repeating a principal by Lincoln, when it came to that quote about the Iraq war” Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck won’t you make up to defend her stupid ass? I’m amazed retards like you have the right to vote, this is a luphole in democracy.

  43. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin Yes false when the facts is that she wasn’t found guilty of anything…

    AGIA pipeline bill….do you want more???

  44. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 That’s right just stick up for her, you know damn well she never could win a presidency lol She lost in 2008, remember?!

  45. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin It was a gotcha question dumb ass but even palin herself admitted that she over thought it thinking couric was mocking her. She answered later on in another interview, dumb ass.the hell is wrong with you? Sarah was repeating a principal by Lincoln, when it came to that quote about the Iraq war, dumb ass drone LOL!! you are so uninformed, it’s pathetic…you should just quote Andrew Sullivan LMAO!!! Do u also believe that she said she can see Russia from her house?? LMAO!!

  46. Reasonwillwin says:

    @fbi10 False ethic charges ahahah ”Even mid term she accomplished more than obama has ever done in his presidency.” Could you name me one thing she accomplished? Appart from making victims pay for their own rape kits?

  47. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin no it wasn’t you dumb ass, it was about alaska you idiot LMAO!! Yes i did watch it, did you???

    You are wrong buddy because she didn’t leave because of the money she left because of those false ethic complaints and the money that was draining not only her family but the state. Even mid term she accomplished more than obama has ever done in his presidency to help her state. U have to yet prove anything that you’ve stated, you are repeating false talking points like ever other idiot

  48. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin The only people who seem to mock are, are ignorant leftist drones such as yourself who make up anything to try and destroy her…YOU FAILED. Again, the whole prank call crap has nothing to do with her political career or anything she’s done…

    So you can’t rebuttal anything i said about the bridge or troopergate…interesting, so you give up??? I know my facts buddy, you don’t. Again, how did she LIE about the bridge…what did the Alaskan personnel board say ??? NOT GUILTY…LOL

  49. fbi10 says:

    @Reasonwillwin the mccain colleague that said it so is named Martin Eisenstadt…problem is that he doesn’t exist LMAO, from the Harding Institute for Freedom and Democracy…pfff LMAO!!!! Palin’s phrase wasn’t clear but what she said was factually correct, idiot HAHAHA!! He and his partners did go around each town warning the towns people that the “regulars” are coming. You should be asking yourself that question, buddy.

    FYI, You know what’s not a myth, obama thinking europe is a country LOL