Alaskan Justice

Follow bush troopers as they combat crime in a region with no roads, no backup, and no second chances.
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25 Responses to Alaskan Justice

  1. thehateu says:

    So Alaska is just a bunch of drunk idiots??

  2. crankylifter says:

    Bad Billy.

  3. crankylifter says:

    Poor Billy.

  4. crankylifter says:

    Sarah Palin must win beauty pageants up there. Oh, wait. . .

  5. oakland002 says:

    You we could save a ton of money if they just end (hang them) repeat offenders, it’s call repeat cause they haven’t change and they will never change once out. I say 3 strikes n you’re done in most case, if it’s really bad then , there is no repeat…
    Think of how many prison we would need if all people know that most crime would end your life.
    “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth would not be such a bad law”.

  6. brapboys503 says:

    Chooch it.

  7. asymthought says:

    Poor clueless Alaskans just had their first New World Order interagency crime sweep called Operation Gangbusters, and most think it’s mission will be to contain criminals. Little do they know that this is an operation of the illuminati; and will eventually be used to contain not criminals but dissident Americans who will reject the fascist corporatist government.

  8. slipNslideGoon says:

    they kinda slow up there ay

  9. TheWezid says:

    i thought my house was bad that place looks like hell

  10. TheWezid says:

    edmond i she leaves you its the rite thing

  11. TheWezid says:

    be good billy we care

  12. ICanKickflipandHeel says:


  13. thatzombieplace says:

    “have you been drinking? well i can smell it” then why the fuck you ask

  14. sexykatie911 says:

    NationalGeographic my msn in profile! Alaskan Justice

  15. jiggasosa says:

    Very sad and disturbing truth of my culture

  16. libinls says:

    @HoonurTX what does derp mean

  17. Thelonelyshepherd1 says:

    @marcuelcajon – lol, that’s so wrong but as a matter of pure observation undeniably true 😉

  18. palorius says:

    @123imports they don’t ‘think’ they have power ‘cuz of that lil badge’, they KNOW they have power cuz of that lil badge. So here’s the million dollar question. What would you do if you had that power?

  19. awesomemau5 says:

    haha the other day their was a lock down and my school and there where cops at our school with like assault rifles and shotguns in our hall way and one of them had a big ass circle of people around him taking pictures and he was cool enough to do a pose haha that was hilarious but my phone had died earlier cuz i tried to text in a room thats like specialy desing not to get signal.

  20. HoonurTX says:

    25:00 derp

  21. 123imports says:

    @awesomemau5 no no man not all cops are bad just a month ago i was speeding got stop by a cop he never gave me a ticket just bull shited me for 20min or so it was funny 1 bad cop lables all but yes there are some good ones out there too

  22. awesomemau5 says:

    @123imports OH SHIT NEVERMIND!!!! i actually went to your channel….. but one time a cop stopped me and i had no license and weed and a bong and he let me goo so to me cops arent that bad.

  23. awesomemau5 says:

    @123imports i can tell your one of those kids that is into cars and think that the cops are all bad news dont you? lay of the need for speed.

  24. ryantwiggsmith909 says:

    is alaska a nice place to visit?

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