Amway – Alaskan Cruise 2007

ASL- Alaskan Cruise 2007

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6 Responses to Amway – Alaskan Cruise 2007

  1. dEEsprosium says:

    anyone knows the title of the song?

  2. Gunner6466 says:

    Because this is Malaysia Amway Leadership Ship Seminar

  3. martinmartinshaw2 says:

    Of the eight steps your Handle indicates, (128)

    The first should be, seek riches above all else!

    What are the other seven?

    Poverty Boleh!

    Martin Martin – Shaw South Australia

  4. mrberry06 says:

    Quixtar/Amway all the way !!!!!

  5. hoggdawn says:

    AMWAY will save the world. Has anybody tried AMWAY in Iraq or Darfur?

  6. step128 says:

    Qualified Amway IBOs from Malaysia! YES! MALAYSIA BOLEH!