Bell 206B Sitka Alaska Tour TongassX

Just picked up Tongass Fjords X from FSAddons this morning and took the DodoSim 206B up for a quick flight to check out the new scenery. Decided to record the flight and throw a quick video together to showcase this excellent scenery addon. Enjoy
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Here’s a sneak peak at what’s coming up in the Stumblebum Brass Band Alaska Tour documentary. Go to to keep up to date.

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26 Responses to Bell 206B Sitka Alaska Tour TongassX

  1. Buzz313th says:

    @foxtrot789 Then maybe you should get off the computer, stop trolling peoples videos and get a life.

  2. foxtrot789 says:

    Are people getting paid to put this awful music into their videos? I’ve heard this song two or three times in fsx videos TODAY.

  3. Valeroyd says:

    Музыка попсятина

  4. guitargamery says:

    lolol was nice to see this!!keep on and give a view to my channel you are invited!!cheers

  5. Buzz313th says:

    Rig was an E8400, 4 gigs of corsair pc6400, 8800GTX and winxpPro 32

    The runway textures were modified by Rex.

  6. jm3XQ says:

    Nice, I like your video. By the way the runway texture seems to be improved – it looks more ‘used’ with abrasions. Is that due to REX or a different Add-On?

  7. UgliestOne says:

    Nice video! Thanks!
    What’s the specs of that rig the video was recorded? On my E8500 @3.6 GHz I’m getting nearly 7-10 fps at Sitka. 🙁

  8. Racerjames666 says:

    AK Air flight #67 lol! One hell of a landing in IFR/october storms!

  9. ZorgDK says:

    thx for the upload. nice scenery indeed. great quality vid and nice music.

  10. Kritzhead says:

    Liked the video very much! Tongass is definitely the best Scenery that has been released so far! Not only the photoreal areas are worth flying though, the mountains of Bella Coola are truly amazing!

  11. Buzz313th says:

    Normal or Dense, depending on current performance.

  12. Slade366 says:

    Im just wondering what you keep your auto gen settings at?

  13. Buzz313th says:

    He was AI… I think FSX ai try to vacate the runway to avoid incursions.. Maybe thats whet he was trying to do since I was low and close to the centerline… LOL, not really sure.

    Thanks for watching.

  14. Buzz313th says:

    Yes I believe so…


  15. Slade366 says:

    What was happening with that cessna landing at the end?

  16. Slade366 says:

    Nice video is that Alaska Airlines plane at 2:54 static?

  17. VAC1668 says:

    Nice video! Tongass X is truly the best scenery addon out there for FSX right now! I wish I could get FPS that nice… I’m still struggling at 10 FPS… LOL. Those water textures are simply amazing, along wwith the whole scenery itself 🙂

  18. JoshKlaasen says:


  19. spinthebottledotcom says:


  20. stumblebumbrassband says:

    @AriseDstcrewEastLA It’s called Pink Cadillac. Check it out on our myspace.

  21. stumblebumbrassband says:

    @gitback2wrk yeah hahaha

  22. AriseDstcrewEastLA says:

    Whats the name of This Song =) Just Brings A Smile To My F A C E

  23. maksu1 says:

    Now this band has been found as far as Finland in Europe. ready to became world stars guys? You rroc..Brass!

  24. dangbethany says:

    YEAH! We’ve got that busted trumpet motha fuckaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  25. gitback2wrk says:

    Does he really smoke and play the trumpet at the same time?

  26. kazinako1 says:

    Freak’n Awesome.