Could you use a free vacation somewhere?

Question by Eric S: Could you use a free vacation somewhere?
What if instead of going to work tomorrow, you instead got to go on a cruiseship with buffet food and snorkel in the pacific ocean?

Would this make you happy right now if you found out this is what you would be doing tomorrow instead of the usual?

What if instead of driving in interstate traffic, you got to enjoy the Alaska Marine Highway instead and watch whales jump around the back of a ship surrounded by mountaintops and glaciers on a ferry boat ride along the Southeast Coast of Alaska? “THE MARINE HIGHWAY”. You park your car on a ferry and just ride your way up a liquid highway.

Would this be better than what your plans are for tomorrow or not?
yes but I’m not leaving tomorrow

Best answer:

Answer by kora
yes that would be great cause i haven’t been on vacation in 10 or more years

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2 Responses to Could you use a free vacation somewhere?

  1. bwlobo says:

    Were you the one who said you were taking an Alaskan vacation soon and wanted to know which road was better… I sure hope if it was you, that you are having the time of your life. Say “HI” to Sarah for me!!

    My plans for tomorrow are to talk with the Hospice social worker. We just put my 93 year old mom on hospice.

    So, yes, I’d rather be doing just about anything else!

  2. Blog-MSC says:

    We can’t expect a good vacation for free, because spending money is not a bad idea for a vacation. What about Snorkeling?