Dolphins on the Alaska Marine Highway

My friends and I were riding the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Ketchikan, AK. I was making a video of the scenery with my little snapshot camera, when all of a sudden this pod of White-Sided Dolphins showed up! I was totally unprepared, hence the poor cinematography. 😉

On the Alaska state ferry M/V Aurora in Feb. 2011. 14 ft seas, freezing spray, 80 MPH winds in Northern Chatham Strait.
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3 Responses to Dolphins on the Alaska Marine Highway

  1. tanman907 says:

    I live in Ketchikan and they are not dolphins, they are porpuses

  2. eucidaris says:

    Thanks for your comment. Alaska is beautiful isn’t it? My trip was in September and I have already decided that I HAVE to go back there!

  3. NaturesBeatingHearts says:

    I’ve been to Alaska on vacation, and we saw a whale, just one, but i’ll never forget.
    Thanks for the video,