Help:planning a tour in Alaska?

Question by foamcem: Help:planning a tour in Alaska?
I want to spend about 15 days in Alaska, but I don’t know how to start planning the tour.
I know just that I’ll start from Anchorage and that I’ll rent a car.

Is there someone who can suggest me the stages?
I need your help to start planning, thank you!
I think I’ll be in alaska in august…(thank you anyway dolphins!)

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Answer by dolphinschick21
I am from the fairbanks area and you definitely got to see North Pole it is north of Fairbanks and they have the santa clause house and everything.

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  1. Gramma says: is a wonderful website, everything from weather, motels, driving directions, sightseeing, plus others.

  2. AKpilot says:

    From Anchorage I would head south to the Kenai Peninsula, visiting Homer, Katchemak Bay, and Seward. There’s lots of great hiking and kayaking in these areas. Check out Halibut Cove, and Exit Glacier. The Harding Ice Field is a pretty amazing sight.
    Then make your way back up through Anchorage, stopping in Portage (Take a drive through the tunnel to Whittier) and Girdwood along the way. Byron Glacier is pretty neat, Just a quick hike in Portage, and you can walk around on it.
    Maybe spend a little time in Anchorage, Check out the Chugach Mountains, hike up Flat Top. Then head up north to Talkeetna, Petersville, and Denali National Park. If you have any extra time, head east to McCarthy and visit the abandoned Kennicott Mine. There isn’t much to see up around Fairbanks, the hot springs are pretty neat, but very far out of the way.
    I’ve lived in Alaska for 37 years, and those are some of my favorite places to go (at least the places I’m willing to share). If you really want to see Alaska, you can’t be afraid to get out of your car and do some serious walking.