North to Alaska (Part 1): Alaska Tours

Went to “Country Rode BMW” in Fairport, NY for a talk by Phil Freeman, of MotoQuest Tours in Alaska, about touring Alaska and what are the best roads. Phil’s talk was interesting to me because I always wanted to go to Alaska and Billmaa and Tracy are going there this summer (2011). MotoQuest has Tours in Alaska, New Zealand, Japan and other places. Check out the MotoQuest website at:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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22 Responses to North to Alaska (Part 1): Alaska Tours

  1. KeukaRyder says:

    @Lanny615 Hey. Jamaica mon! You ready to get on the bike and go?

    Cheers and thanks for watching

  2. Lanny615 says:

    Great vid, thanks, and greetings from sunny Jamaica.

  3. KeukaRyder says:

    @really2ugly Thanks! Glad you liked it! It’s a bucket list item for me.

  4. KeukaRyder says:

    @TKTex1 Thanks. I hope I can go too. Right now, I’m thinking 2012. This year, cross country.

    I’ve seen pictures of Queensland…bummer. Stay dry mate.

  5. KeukaRyder says:

    @2wheelsteve I hear ya. I just thought it was a cool talk and a great adventure waiting to happen.

  6. KeukaRyder says:

    @maikeli7 Thanks Mike. Glad you liked it! Anything up with the Germany ride?

  7. maikeli7 says:

    Whoa!! That’s incredible!! Alaska!! What a great time you guys are in for!
    What a great video series that wil make as well. Thanks for bringing us along to see the presentation! They ought to be paying you comission!

  8. 2wheelsteve says:

    Alaska but I think she’ll say no ;-), looks great but I cant afford it ;-(

  9. TKTex1 says:

    Man, I so hope you do this one!! The scenery looks awesome. We have ‘hills’ in Australia we call mountains, only in the Snowy Mountains do they begin to look like that. Hope this trip comes together for you. Best wishes mate.

  10. really2ugly says:

    Excellent vid!

  11. KeukaRyder says:

    @RC62 Yeah, me too! All us sort of (ahem) older guys were ready to Roll.
    I going to try and go summer 2012.

  12. RC62 says:

    Cool stuff. Makes me want to go out and ride. 😀

  13. KeukaRyder says:

    @aeroliner750 I’m gonna try and found out if it is fun next year. Going across the country to Calif this year.

    By the way, I might try to come down sometime this summer.

  14. KeukaRyder says:

    @owl56 Thanks for watching!

  15. KeukaRyder says:

    @cashstore1 Ride the FJR up to the Motoquest place and ride a KLR for the Dugway rouad. Or, just ride the FJR on the paved sections.

  16. KeukaRyder says:

    @RedanWhiteRebel It sure does look amazing! The picture quality of the video isn’t the greatest . There was about 50 guys in the room and each picture made the energy level go up. Even though it was 20F outside if that speaker had said “You wanna head there now” we would have gotten our bikes and been on our way.

    I hope to do Alaska in 2012.

  17. KeukaRyder says:

    @JimNtexas Yeah, I can believe that it was awesome. I’m seriously considering a ride in 2012 up there. Why no 2011? Because I’m going across the country to Calif. up the PCH to Washingon and then back east this May.
    That’s the plan, anyway.

  18. RedanWhiteRebel says:

    Great vid KR and very entertaining….would love to ride in Alaska scenery looks amazing.

  19. cashstore1 says:

    What do you plan on using for a bike?

  20. owl56 says:

    cool cheers owl

  21. JimNtexas says:

    I spent a month in Alaska a couple of years ago. Id give anything to go back on a bike. It is awesome beyond words!

  22. aeroliner750 says:

    looks and sounds like a lot of fun