Norwegian Pearl at sea. Alaska Cruise

Heading to Alaska on the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship. See parts of this nice ship inside and outside. Spinnaker Lounge. Bliss Lounge. Weather becomes bad. i try my iphone GPS. 7 day cruise from Seattle WA to Alaska ports. listen to NCL staff beg you to buy new cruises. Carnival is # 1. thanks for watching August 2009
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11 Responses to Norwegian Pearl at sea. Alaska Cruise

  1. Mattsana says:

    @troyh808 For the ship you mean? But what about for its location? I guess it’s allowed to max it there though.

  2. troyh808 says:

    @Mattsana 25 kts is the highest amount

  3. troyh808 says:

    @DuskbatRabbit we’ll i would pick ncl its fun and the crew was very nice to me and my family

  4. DuskbatRabbit says:

    @gilades94 carnival has better food and the crew is alot nicer. more things to do onboard too

  5. gilades94 says:


  6. DuskbatRabbit says:

    I havnt sailed on Carnival Spirit but NCL or Carnival I would pick a Carnival Cruise.

  7. gilades94 says:

    wats better carnival spirit or norwegian pearl??

  8. fricktherick says:

    come to think of it if u fall from there your pretty much screwed

  9. deathb4dishonorUSMC says:

    yeah thats probally about right, he probally fully cranked it once they got out anda way from the shore line

  10. Mattsana says:

    That’s a high cruising speed. What is it, about 14-16kts?

  11. Shannon77785 says:

    Hiya Dusk, Another good video. WoW !! Thanks for letting me see them. :o) Hugssss ~ Luv ya, Shannon