Our Summer Vacation R-Family Alaska cruise

Ok so here is our part one of two videos that we made this summer. We decided to drive to Seattle and catch a cruise to Alaska on a gay & lesbian cruise by R-Family Vacations. The video was a little longer then I would have liked but I had to show the most important parts of our families trip. Also I was trying to add music to the picture parts but for some reason my movie maker would not alow me to do so ;O( Take a look at the R-Family website about future vacations I recomend them to all. www.rfamilyvacations.com also check out the family equality Council site they will be giving the Leffews an award in La on Oct 17th for our work in changing the minds of Americans about gay families. www.familyequality.org We will have part two of our families summer trip on tomorow. Follow us on these links send us a friend request www.facebook.com friendfeed.com twitter.com

www.SmallAlaskaShip.com — Experience 9 days aboard the Island Spirit, as we cruise the deep channels, fjords and islands of the Alexander Archipelago, and tour popular destinations on the Alaskan mainland, as well. Popular points of interest include Stikine River, St. John’s Harbor / Zarembo Island, Petersburg, Hobart Bay, Dawes Glacier, Ford’s Terror, Juneau, Mt. Roberts, Funter Bay, Icy Straits, Tenakee Springs, Fish Bay / Peril Straits, and Sitka.

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25 Responses to Our Summer Vacation R-Family Alaska cruise

  1. viduabird says:


  2. surangiable says:

    naneedj.infoLots of love to give to the right person

  3. onelifexv says:

    I was on the Norweigan Star with you — I took my Mom with. You’re right, it was a life altering experience. It makes me sad they aren’t doing another full charter this year, but I’ll definately be on the next full charter they have.

  4. robertbpaulson13 says:

    Was that GORT!? So cool! Love your videos. Congratulations on being honored by the Family Equality Council.

  5. Edforchange says:

    Again like all of your videos, loooooovvvveee it!!!
    Thanks for sharing your experiences on your vacation. And I do have to say, booooo for getting seasick!! :[ I know the pain.

    I want to move to Seattle, Washington later on in my life :] hooray!! for the sneak peak!

  6. ric331 says:


  7. markdf11 says:

    I loved the video, I hope I find my Jay some day

  8. nowvoyagerlover says:

    wow, that looked wonderful.

  9. annan222 says:

    Selina and Daniel are wonderful kids. Clearly because they are loved by a loving parents like you Jay and Brian. Love you guys

  10. jujoc says:

    Hello guys,my name is Juan,im 23,and I. Would like to tell you how beatiful is your family and some day I would like to have one like yours
    Greettings from Peru-Saludos desde Peru
    We watch you here! 🙂

  11. musicnthunder says:

    This reminds me of my childhood when our fam went on a vacation to see the grand canyon… I was about Selenas age… 🙂

  12. alifeinthelens says:

    I went to Alaska last summer, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. I’m surprised you managed to get yourselves and the kids up so early! That must have been tough! Haha I know I get cranky when woken up early. Daniel and Selena are so cute, especially when she’s hugging him in the restaurant.

  13. depfox says:

    I no Im new to making videos it was a little harder with the pics then just the video. thanks for the advice

  14. JasonPerrino says:

    Hi Bryan and Jay, I like the video but it was a little long for the amount of content you presented. If I may suggest something: keep still shots on screen for only 3 seconds unless there is text with the still shot, then keep that pic on screen for 5 secs.

    You are right when you say the landscape is amazing. What you saw on your vaca I see every day where I live. There is much more nature than city in Yellowknife, NT, Canada.

  15. dabecat says:

    hi friends! great vacation and great vid!

  16. Budmax305 says:

    Congratulations on the award! That is nothing short of fantastic!

  17. huebear says:

    You have some really great kids! Dramamine next time for motion sickness. If you want to stay all natural, make tea from ginger root and drink that… it will calm your tummy.
    I love watching your vids! Your living my dream of having a wonderful kids and loving husband. For now, its just myself and my dogs…LOL

  18. huebear says:

    you have some pretty cool kids!

  19. Wolfbloodvamps171 says:

    Oh I loved the video. You had a good vacation.

  20. rightrainskin says:

    I’m glad you guys had such a great time.

  21. PeterOrszagCallMe says:

    Looks like fun. Welcome back.

  22. depfox says:

    that sucks being in the closet makes it hard to have a life of substance ;O(

  23. depfox says:

    Bryan hates getting up early

  24. JayBellBooks says:

    Great video! I felt like I was in the back seat of the car at the beginning. Just thinking about waking up early makes me tired though!

    Alaska looks cool. The light blue ice is unreal! It looks like you guys had a brilliant trip, which makes me happy!

  25. JeremySalas says:

    I am so jealous, you are such a beautiful family. I want to marry the guy one day I am seeing for about a year, only problem is that he is in the closet. I so want what you all have.