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Question by tryandgetoutalive: Alaska??????
I have worked in Alaska and seen much of the scenery but I have never been a resident. What makes Alaska as a state different than the rest of the states? Especially for someone wanting to move there. Anything would be very helpful.

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Answer by Charlie Allison
Well one perk after living in Alaska for a couple of years is the PFD, an annual check that in the last few years has been around 00. You also get to live in the scenery, not just see it. Its hard to beat saying that you live in a postcard. If you don’t want to move the wild you could also move to one of the larger cities and work your way into a more rural area.

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  1. Snow B says:

    You have already been here so you know how tasty the clean water is and how fresh the air is. You also know how uncrowded we are. I am surprised that you feel the need to question it.

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