Q&A: Does any1 know any good Alaska Cruise Sites to browse?

Question by Rachel T: Does any1 know any good Alaska Cruise Sites to browse?
I’m Going on an Alaska Cruise from vancover on Celebrity Cruise Lines on the ship called Murcury. I need more info on it and i want to see pics of it so i can get more sense of what there is to do on there. ANYone got any good sites?

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Answer by Slider728
Personally, my favorite cruise site is http://www.cruisecritic.com

You can find reviews of the ship itself. You can go to the boards and check out what people have said about the cruise line as well as the destination itself.

Lurk on the Alaska board for awhile and you can find a wealth of informaition on what there is to do, cost savings tips, and you can ask a question or two of your own.

I don’t think you’ll find much for pictures on this site though.

Good Luck! I’m sure you’ll love your cruise!

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  1. dezynor says:

    I’ve had good luck at SpinCityTravel.com. Under the Cruise Tab you can view all the ships available for your time and destination. They offer a list of features and ammenities for you to compare before booking the right cruise for you. I found it very helpful. Also look at different times to go as the price can vary.

  2. TINKERTOY ..... the 1 & only says:

    First you should go to the Celebrity cruise line web site and look at the features of your ship: http://www.celebritycruises.com/plancruise/ships/ship.do;jsessionid=0000_LcStEYt4ROUvBUJOO_8lbs:12hdebdrn?shipCode=MR

    You can look at the deck plans to see where things are on the ship and then do the virtual tour to see actual 360 photos of various parts of each deck. The virtual tour covers all of the ship.

    Here are some web sites for Alaska to browse:





  3. Nikki (: ♥ says: