Q&A: If you had a free trip to Alaska or a tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium, what would you choose?

Question by kpteen1030: If you had a free trip to Alaska or a tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium, what would you choose?
I can’t figure out which one I would choose (though I’d be paying 😉 )

Best answer:

Answer by Jason
I would take the France Switzerland, Belgium combo!

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12 Responses to Q&A: If you had a free trip to Alaska or a tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium, what would you choose?

  1. sandy says:

    SOOO alaska

  2. Michelle says:

    A tour of France, Switzerland, and Belgium…..more places andI speak German…kinda. And I have laready been to Alaska when I was like 3 pretty cold my parents said.

  3. SweetBrunette says:

    A tour to France or a tour to Belgium

  4. aries44 says:

    I choose Alaska! I want to go see the beautiful aurora if I have chance.

  5. Stanley Y says:


  6. thunderlefty says:

    i would take the tour. I’ve never been out of the country so thats what I would take

  7. Danagasta says:

    Hm, that’s a hard nut to crack. I tend to prefer being around other Native people, so in that aspect Alaska would work best. But with the tour, you’d get three in one and be visiting the land of The Adventures of Tintin (Belgium,) so hm.

  8. janiesheron says:

    Wow great choices……but I would have to choose Alaska……. I dont like to fly……and I could go by car to Alaska…………..

  9. kookoo4travel says:

    FRANCE! I have been there and it is very very beautiful! I would love to return, especially for free. There is lots to do and see. I love art, so being able to re-visit all the museums would be a DREAM. From there, I would make a stop to Italy, another of my favorite places in the world. I know, not on the list, but since I would be in France, I would take advantage of being so close to Italy and go there afterwards.

  10. Chalkbrd says:

    I think it depends on what you enjoy the most. I personally would pick France because I spent a little time there working with a church and I speak French.

    However, Alaska has some incredible scenery and if you are a native English-speaker (which it appears you are), you wouldn’t have a language barrier.

    If you enjoy something different from what you are used to, any of the 3 European countries would be good. Switzerland has some beautiful mountains. France has a lot of history and a variety of scenery depending on which region you visit.

    Although I’ve not been to Alaska, I’ve been to France, Switzerland and Belgium. If I had to choose, my choices would be: 1-France, 2-Switzerland, 3-Alaska and 4-Belgium. I don’t know that much about Belgium except for the couple of places I visited and it didn’t hold a lot of magic for me. I would like to go to Alaska some day, but I really liked France (the castles and cathedrals especially) and the Alps in Switzerland.

  11. R Anthony P says:

    I would take the France-Switzerland-Belgium tour.
    Alaska would be really nice also but, visiting “other cultures, languages and continent” would be much better than our own.
    Besides, those three countries are sooo amazing!
    My favorite is Switzerland… To me that is one of the Heavens On Earth… Just breathtaking and with their own culture, traditions, and the way homes are built, you feel like… you’re in heaven!
    Good luck to you and have a most wonderful trip!

  12. not fair says:

    I will go to Alaska.
    you saying you will pay for the trip