The Moore Report: Being an Alaskan

The Moore Report: Being an Alaskan
What makes us Alaskans? Almost all of us were not born here, but came here from somewhere else. More people in Anchorage were born in California than were born in Alaska. That’s how Alaskan we are. We are defined as Alaskans the day we arrive here.
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Deaths: a music producer, a volunteer coordinator, an engineer
Jeff Krys , 57, a Cincinnati music producer and Austin g.m.; Dottie Kemps , a loved and effective volunteer coordinator from KCET and Norm Craley a trusted WETA engineer.
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Save on the cruise, splurge on the outings
KETCHIKAN, Alaska — Like a lot of other summer travelers looking for the ultimate Alaska adventure, I’ve already booked my cruise to the Last Frontier . I’ve got my cabin and I’m ready to roll. But that’s not like me. I usually let the weeks slide by, hoping to score a last-minute deal on a cheap inside cabin on one …
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