Wednesday, March 9, 2011 – 12:04

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 – 12:04
BY TIM BOOTH The Associated Press SEATTLE — Klay Thompson is back, Venoy Overton is out and no one is quite sure if Reggie Moore or Justin Holiday will play. And all that is before even mentioning Washington State going for a three-game sweep of Washington for the second time since 2007 when the…
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Othello provides glimpse each March into world of migrating sandhill cranes
To sandhill cranes, tens of thousands of which drop in on Othello each March, the fecund lands in and around the Columbia National Wildlife refuge are like an avian Fred Meyer store: It’s one-stop shopping for everything they need for the coming long push north to Alaska for summer breeding.
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Lobbying the Legislature is big-money business in Juneau
Lobbying the Alaska Legislature is an increasingly lucrative job for the top professionals, with nearly a dozen lobbyists reporting they collected over 0,000 in fees last year from interests looking to influence the state’s lawmakers.
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