What is there to do in Alaska and Vancouver?

Question by Thing: What is there to do in Alaska and Vancouver?
I’m going on a seven day cruise to Alaska in August. The ship leaves out of Vancouver, so I will be in Vancouver for two days. I will be on land in Alaska for about 3 or 4 days. Can anyone give me suggestions on places to go and things to do?

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Answer by Season with salt
I don’t know where your stop will be in Alaska, but I would think that the cruise director of the ship can point you to the best places to visit in your port-of-call. As for Vancouver, I’ve attached their tourism website for you.

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  1. tinkertoy says:

    Go straight to the web site for the cruise line that you are taking and find the cruise you will be on. The cruise will have all of the port stops and there will be tours for each. When we went we went to the Mendenhall glacier at one stop to a fish hachery at another, to a native Alaskan totem pole park at another. You can do everything from standing around watching the glaciers to going on a dog sled ride over a glacier, to flying a bush plane to a remote location to walk on a glacier, to taking a train ride up the Eukon trail. There will be probably 5 or 6 different tours and activities at each stop. The web site should list them and the price for each. If you don’t want to tour, you can just walk around the town where you stop and shop.

  2. sligh_us says:

    the train rides are the best. they go through some of the most beautiful landscape ever. also they are always busy and if your a pretty outgoing person you can ask and see what other people are doing.

  3. manand1989 says:

    Alaska and Vancouver is the best counrtry .