Whitechapel- Alaska Tour 2010

Whitechapel had the pleasure of playing Alaska for their first time ever in September of 2010. Check out this video for some live and behind the scenes footage. Filmed and edited by Alex Wade. iTunes: itunes.apple.com Buy: www.aneweraofcorruption.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video blog of vocal band Ball in the House…On our first day in Juneau, we took an amazing trip to the Mendenhall Glacier www.ballinthehouse.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to Whitechapel- Alaska Tour 2010

  1. T4styTHC says:

    1:19 puppy’s like my turn to nibbles on phil

  2. MAGPULD says:

    2:23 hahahahahahahaha seriously what happened to kevin lane though?

  3. unknownheroAK says:

    Bad ass, im in this

  4. unknownheroAK says:

    holy shit I see me!

  5. dosbox907 says:

    my freinds had sex with 150 miles of road to see this. it was like a train-unstoppable.

  6. beastyskater123 says:

    why did kevin leave

  7. EvanTheUnicorn says:

    @weemankyle he left

  8. WillComment0nYourVid says:

    2:42 EYES ARE GLARING RED WITH THE CLU… wait wtf was that?

  9. 13MRAR says:

    Whats the 1st Song Called! Imma New Listner, And It Sounds Amazing!

  10. NewEraOfCorruption says:

    @weemankyle he’s gone, new drummer.

  11. bashinskulls1 says:

    did alex just cut his hair damn dude and wheres kevin what happen to him

  12. skateingMetalHead25 says:

    @DeadOmega i found out anyways

  13. DeadOmega says:

    @skateingMetalHead25 There was about five songs played in the video… pick one.

  14. skateingMetalHead25 says:

    what song is this?

  15. th3m1ke says:

    @SUFFOCATIONANAL Kevin lane suffered a fairly serious leg injury and has been on haitus healing up. Gavin has been filling in for all recent touring duties.

  16. grindxcorpse says:

    such a fun weekend. shared the stage with them the first night, then the second night at koots was so much fun. so rowdy…
    Gabe has a fucking Kramer portrait on his thigh. so awesome! 😛


    wtf, where is kevin lane??

  18. DANxHALEN says:

    haha dude lol they didnt give a fuck about them glaciers

  19. MrSpitz99 says:

    @C45TR1T1KR0N hahahah!! that’s fucking awesome m/

  20. ibz11 says:

    @YouNoob93 Their current fill-in drummer.

  21. YouNoob93 says:

    @ibz11 This sucks man. Who is Gavin though?

  22. C45TR1T1KR0N says:

    @MrSpitz99 holy hell Juneau’s a retardedly small place XD yeah thats them

  23. MrSpitz99 says:

    @C45TR1T1KR0N thrash metal? is the band called the brown trees? including a certain corey and craig?

  24. collin96coco says:

    Lol, that dude to the left was goin crazy.

  25. C45TR1T1KR0N says:

    @MrSpitz99 hah, dude, that really sucks. And yeah while it was pretty sick to see Whitechapel I barely held the front long enough to actually SEE them =/ they sounded fucking amazing though

    and yeah Juneau was pretty damn boring. I know some friends there though, they’ve got a thrash metal band going haha

  26. D3ad1te says:

    u guys r kool u played 4 my skool may 28 08 whoooo ryan funny voice

  27. kerryyokee says:

    I think Neil Diamond wrote a song about your visit to the glacier….Balls on the Rocks…..or something like that…. xox