Will my cell phone work on alaska cruise?

Question by Shaonee B: Will my cell phone work on alaska cruise?
I’m going on a cruise in 2 weeks on the Diamond Princess from Whittier, Alaska to Vancouver. I want to know if I will be able to text while on board without getting any extra fees or charges. My mom is really overprotective and this is the only way she’ll let me stay out late on the ship.
I have at&t as my cell phone provider.

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Answer by ChrisP.Bacon
No you’re at sea…no cell phone towers out there until you get to a city but it might not be AT&T in canada…it might be roger’s wireless and thus you have to pay extra fees.

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7 Responses to Will my cell phone work on alaska cruise?

  1. Willis says:

    If you got Verizon. 50G’s all over! Lol.

  2. Ashley says:

    when i was on a cruise to alska (before i got my cell) my moms phone worked so maybe urs will!!!

  3. jwlf08 says:

    My friend just got back from an Alaskan cruise yesterday. His phone did not work at all when he was gone. You can call at&t before you go and ask them if it will work and if you will be charged extra for stuff. My other friend who has Verizon was charged 25 cents per text when he went to Canada, but he called them beforehand so he knew what he was in for. You should definitely call them!!

  4. vanncrook says:

    You’ll want to check with AT&T and what their rates will be for using text messaging while in any international waters, in Canada, and if they include Alaska in their nation wide coverage (some providers don’t). If not add international texting/calling to your phone for the month you’ll be traveling and pay the extra money and then remove it when you get home.

  5. Michael says:

    You will probably be charged extra, depending on your network. It will probably still work. Lol I did the exact same cruise 2 years ago :]

  6. Barkley Hound says:

    While at sea you can use international roaming. It it uses the ship’s satellite system. Phone calls are $2.49 a minute. Receiving text is $.05. Sending text is $.50. These are the Verizon prices. Check with AT&T for their prices. While in port in Alaska you will use the regular cell network. In Canada the price will be more than Alaska but less then on the ship.

    ₪ ɦəlʞɹɐq ₪

  7. timetravler says:

    No, it will not work except while you are in a port. If your mom wants to stay in contact with you while on the ship, then get a set of walkie talkies. They don’t cost much and you will see many people use them on a cruise. I know I use them. BTW, I’ll be on the Sea Princess going to Alaska at about the same time your on the Diamond. Cool!