Alaska Brown Bear Trapped

National Geographic researchers trap an Alaskan brown bear for research, and the bear is not at all happy. See All National Geographic Videos
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Alaska Brown Bear Trapped

  1. vietcongporn says:

    00:01 to skip

  2. GeorgeVreelandHill says:

    Very interesting video.
    Thank you.

    George Vreeland Hill

  3. TaxidermyOutdoors says:

    Great video footage! Get into it with a bear and lets see how these “survival show” people handle the situation. Research is needed and hunting is part of the management program. Wouldn’t go any place without my 338 Win mag or a 375 H&H in this country.

  4. matsubear says:

    The video part was great as always . Nat Geo always does a great job there. But I found the commentary to be full of half truths and out right lies.As an Alaskan I would like to see the Wolf population reintroduced in Central Park N.Y. ,N.Y. and Conn. had a very good Black Bear population We really need to work on that. Maybe we could shut down San Francisco Bay and get rid of ALL the boats and ships so that the seals and or sea lions can be free and we can go give them a big hug

  5. matsubear says:

    @sprankthetank Yes it is true that meat in the stores comes from farms and you have to have some one else KILL the animal for you after it has been shot up will all kinds of crap. Well it is plane to see you do not have a clue as to what people eat and why they eat it . And if you really think I am a pussy then bring you happy ass up and I will have you crying for you mommy . And I won’t put a hand on you or threaten you with a firearm . Just let your be afraid of which one will eat you first

  6. MrJWishart says:

    @MrBlake8969 You may think that’s funny but if you encounter a bear and she starts poping her jaw like that, you wanna look the fuck out. But I do agree, it is funny.

  7. Wildcardz53 says:

    if any of you knew much about bears you would no that the clear cut forest will be good for the bears !!! What do you think they eat in old growth timber tree bark ?? News flash the blue berry buches and grass they like to eat don’t grow in the shade of huge trees they grow in clear cuts ? For all of you who did’nt know that my perscription is GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND LEARN ABOUT THE WOODS before you sound stupid talking about hunting, bears or anything to do with the forest !!!!

  8. sprankthetank says:

    @jonathancook7 if they dont research the bears than they cant help to save their lives when more than half of their habitat is depleted because man cuts it all down. use your brain if you have one, if not, get an education.

  9. sprankthetank says:

    @MrCoffeeman21 meat in the store comes from farms. people dont really eat bear and sea lions, and seals, and polar bears. hunters are pussys, period

  10. twilightfanatic311 says:

    @MrBlake8969 there saving him..right?

  11. MrCoffeeman21 says:

    @kebekske Were do you think meat in the stores comes from? All your doing is having someone else do the killing for you and pretending that it doesn’t happen, which is really cowardly.

  12. ShubertCVGC says:

    0:39 Dude, you smell like human! Did you get captured? What’s that weird thing around your neck?

  13. jonathancook7 says:

    you guys are asshole and should let them bear live there lives . . . .. . . . . . . you should be hung by your balls

  14. MrMadToker says:

    start growing hemp for paper and building material and there would be no need for clear cutting forests, and for those to stupid to know any better hemp is not dope it would take a joint the size of a telephone pole to get you high.. good luck with that

  15. chowder707 says:

    Cool video I love animals. with just about any animal, If a bear could talk and told mw to to come with him I would go.

  16. MrBlake8969 says:

    3:35 hahahahaha the bears mouth

  17. sohcsarewicked says:

    If you like bears everyone should watch the hunting video on youtube called
    “Country Singer Troy Gentry Kills Tame Bear, Part 1”

  18. gino26gman says:

    how scared was the camera man ad 3:32 haha

  19. setorando2 says:

    haha XD

  20. rockman399 says:

    the grizzly at 1:21 lookslike he’s fucking pissed of and wants to kill the camera man lol.
    just look at his drool coming out of his mouth at 1:24.

  21. sexykatie911 says:

    NationalGeographic my msn in profile! Alaska Brown Bear Trapped

  22. tuyocuyo says:

    These guys look so dirty in those awful beards..

  23. azianberry says:

    bear awakes, feels uncomfortable and says: i think they neck fucked me

  24. TheAssgas says:

    why kill the bear when you can tame it and let it tank for you while you quest??

  25. CherubicGuardian says:

    @cameradias666 now listen to The Human Abstract and The Number 12 Looks Like You.

  26. metalradio9 says:

    @charger619c he has a lot larger range then he shows in this song.

  27. davethehostage says:

    @Ghost10305 Was he awesome then too?

  28. akusokuzan22 says:


  29. cameradias666 says:

    @pbbananasandwich Yeah I know. Can’t wait to hear the new album. I think it’s released somewhere in late March.

  30. pbbananasandwich says:

    @cameradias666 yes sir, protest is fucking siiiiiick!!!!!!! they actually just put out their newest album too.

  31. BahigPimpin says:

    @Ghost10305 cool story bro

  32. mhzsm says:

    Check out ‘Freyja’ by SONIQ ARMADA

  33. MusicHero3738 says:

    I’m not sure why 3:12 makes me so happy, but it does 😀

  34. travismartin1278945 says:

    @superbmxrider Nigga fuck you

  35. cooper4e says:

    Go check out the band- Invent, Animate. The song by them is called “The reign is over” They are pretty young and have only been together for about a month. They are sick. Let me know what you think. Also add them on Facebook if you enjoy them!

  36. Ghost10305 says:

    i went to school with the lead singer

  37. superbmxrider says:

    Finally a song by them thats not 10 minutes!!!

  38. LANDofCONFUSION says:

    please check out my cover of SELKIES, i just started to play and i need a second opinion: /watch?v=WxUqY9TdKZM

  39. MarianasEmbrace says:

    <--------- God damn i love BTBAM

  40. zufar1000 says:


  41. bishopbyers says:

    Nice, very nice. One of my new favorites!!

  42. pepsauce52 says:

    @charger619c You my friend are insane..

  43. charger619c says:

    The guitars kick ass, but the vocals suck my balls off.

  44. ZEROboarder00 says:

    the intro is so sick.
    hey go listen to Stick To Your Guns, just another great band. :3

  45. residentevilchris06 says:


    I used to be the exact same way, to me it was mainly because people i didn’t like were really into these bands, but you know what, fuck them

  46. Tash664foreverxx says:

    Never herd these before until now!!! Fricking awesomeeee!:D

  47. mahakai says:

    great band!!!
    listen NAENIA-trust is gone

  48. GR8DIVINE1 says:

    Protest the Hero are closely aligned with these guys too but personally i think BTBAM are a bit more ranged and therefore better

  49. Zeleii says:

    @satan6rapes6god6 I have no problem with BmtH I actually really like them, BUT I’m just in love with BTBAM. I don’t know why I have change of hearts in terms of liking music anymore. I used to hate both bands, I don’t quite understand why anymore.

    I also used to hate breakdowns outside of slayer songs, then I heard this and Decade of Statues and I realized I was stupid.

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