Alaska Marine Highway System Trip

Alaska Marine Highway System Trip

The Alaska Marine Highway isn’t your ordinary ferry system. This video explains some of the amenities you’ll find onboard the vessels, from naturalists to heated solariums.

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5 Responses to Alaska Marine Highway System Trip

  1. fetchfilms says:

    i like the tustemena

  2. tyler053098 says:

    i like the aurora, but this looks nice! (i took aurora not this yet though i will soon hopefully)

  3. malaspinaenthusiast says:

    Hey, great video of one of Alaska’s best ships! The Malaspina is my favorite and I’ve been on her numerous times–in fact I’m booked on her on Presidents’ Day Juneau-Skagway and back.

  4. 08A1A5KA says:

    When were you there? I took the Malaspina from Juneau to Haines two years ago when my Mom came up to visit and it was empty like that. That was right at the beginning of May. By mid-June or so, the ferries are usually packed with travelers. I love the Alaska Marine Ferries!

  5. punkasaurusred says:

    This looks like a really fun vacation.

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