Alaska ferry?

Question by lfinkle2136: Alaska ferry?
Im going to Alaska this summer and I want to see as mush as possible, but see it cheap… I want to spend most of my time in South Central, however, I have never been to Juneau before and would really like to go ziplining there. What is the fastest and cheapest way to get from Seward or Homer to Juneau? Ive been looking for a ferry or something but cannot find it. How much does that cost and how long is the trip?

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Answer by rick d
I would look into Grey They do all the bus travel plus, can hook you up with other transportation such as one way cruise, sea planes etc. There is a ferry but, I do not beleive it goes to Juneau. Juneau is the capitol but, has very limited port.
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  1. MomSezNo says:

    I found these by searching Yahoo for “Alaska ferry”:

    There were a lot more leads returned than this.

  2. DoH says:

    Here ya go –

    There isn’t a ferry from Seward or Homer to Juneau. You would have fly to Juneau from Seward.

    My recommendation is get on the ferry in Bremerton, WA – book it all the way to Skagway. You can take as much time as you want to complete the trip. You can get off in Ketchikan or Juneau and hang for a few days and grab the next ferry headed north. Once you get to Skagway you can fly over to south central AK if you want.

    IMHO – and I’ve seen a lot of AK, the SE is the best part of the state.

    Added info – you realize how big AK is right? A ferry from Seward to Juneau would be like taking a ferry from Galveston TX to Tampa FL. A bus ride would probably take a week.

  3. buck says:

    you cant beat the Alaskan Ferry System. You meet all kinds of people on there. The Naturalists are great, you can pitch a tent on the deck under the heaters, there are showers too. Rooms are a little expensive. I was on the ferry Kennicott for 3 days from Haines to Bellingham, WA. go to

    Have fun. I drove up to the Arctic Circle from Central Illinois and took the ferry back.

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