Alaska Ferry? Bellingham to Valdez maybe?

Question by love my soldier: Alaska Ferry? Bellingham to Valdez maybe?
I need to get to alaska from seattle or bellingham. need help whats the best way to get ferry info. i cant get anyone on the phone. im trying to get to fairbanks,ak.

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Answer by astrobuf
This is not an easy trip. There is no direct route. Valdez by the way is a looong way from Fairbanks.

The Alaskan Marine highway no longer leaves from Seattle, you now must leave from Bellingham. Take the MV Malaspina to Juneau. From Junea, you’d then take the MV Kennicott to Whittier.

From Whittier you can catch the Alaskan Train which will take you to Fairbanks via Anchorage.

The fare is about 0 one way w/o a car or a cabin. Much more with a car. It’s a 5 day trek by ship. I think you’d be way ahead to fly.


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