Alaska Ferry Ride

Documentary of a ferry ride from Wittiar? to Valdez

The auto/passenger ferry M/V Malaspina, one in the Alaska Marine State Highway fleet, approaching its final anchorage at the ferry terminal in Bellingham’s Fairhaven district (unseen, around the industrial area to the right). It arrives from Southeast Alaska and Prince Rupert, BC every Friday (more often in the summer months). Filmed from Marine / Post Point city Park, Bellingham, WA.

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16 Responses to Alaska Ferry Ride

  1. mtcaving says:

    @damianomigani I believe that was late Nov, or early Dec. (Right about this time of the year)

  2. mtcaving says:

    @damianomigani I believe that was late Nov, or early Dec. (Right about this time of year)

  3. damianomigani says:

    what time of the year was that>

  4. denelson83 says:

    Whittier, not Wittiar.

  5. ReconHHC says:

    I cant wait to go there. Ill be on a boat for 2 days from Washington all the way to Alaska

  6. savvy1954 says:

    which is the cheapest ferry from seattle to alaska?? i can drive remainder to anchorage

  7. iloveargelyn says:

    did you bring mananuska tf along with you?

  8. Bimo165 says:

    i love the part where you two guys scream like little girls! hahahaha cracks me up!!

  9. stateofdelusion says:

    two words: Richardson Highway!

  10. hottada says:

    1:49.. that’s kinda funny lol. =]

  11. NotAnotherClinton says:

    I miss road trips, I married a killjoy.
    Native Montanans rule!

  12. NotAnotherClinton says:

    umm, dude you spelled Anchorage wrong.

  13. BboyKnucklezz says:

    umm actully i live in valdez and my family drives to ancorege every year to go to the dentist so urrr really dumb

  14. mtcaving says:

    You are welcome, I would recommend the trip.

  15. LeoBurns728 says:

    I thank you & thank you guys so much for sharing your ferry trip, that must have been fun… I want to go up just for the ride…

  16. searay345 says:

    I must say, you have awesome music tastes!!

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