alaska ferry to seattle???? how do i get there….?

Question by bonita applebum: alaska ferry to seattle???? how do i get there….?
i want to ferry my truck from anchorage to seattle. how do i do that? i can’t seem ot find any information for those two locations.. help me… much would it cost?

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Answer by ~À£å§kåÑ~
I haven’t heard of a ferry going out of Anchorage….the only one I know of is in Haines Junction……

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4 Responses to alaska ferry to seattle???? how do i get there….?

  1. John P says:

    In your search engine type in ** Anchorage Ferry System.***
    You can go from there, we have been to Anchorage many times along with Fairbanks etc. From the way your question was worded I assume you are in Anchorage or are you planing on driving up there and taking the ferry back ?

  2. Sawbuck says:

    You need to contact the Alaska Marine Highway System. It would take two ferry trips, one from Whittier (near Anchorage) to Juneau, and the second from Juneau to Bellingham north of Seattle. Even if you get an almost direct connection in Juneau (wait time of 3 hours or so) this trip will take you five days.

  3. Klondike John says:

    Since your in Anchorage, why not stop in at the Alaska Marine Highway office and get the skinny on the Ferry. If all you want to do is ship your truck south, check with Lynden transport, Alaska Vehicle Transporters. If you plan on accompanying your truck, well that leaves only the Alaska Marine highway.

  4. officer_robertson says:

    Look up Northland services or Alaska Marine Lines. They are the cheapest way to barge a vehicle to Seattle. The ferry will cost more and only get you as far as Bellingham.