ferry life, the alaskan marine highway

1 minute of what it feels like to cruise the alaskan marine highway from dutch harbor to the mainland.
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7 Responses to ferry life, the alaskan marine highway

  1. vonkiser says:

    No its the Tustumena. I used to run the Valdez Ferry office. Seen this ship 900 times.

  2. MrDylanJG says:

    where can i find a room to rent in juneau next to the ferry terminal? im gonna work there all summer

  3. vampirehuntertyrus says:

    I love the ak marine ferries. Great vid. It really captures the feel.

  4. blahneypie says:

    is this the m/v aurora?

  5. theshipman says:

    What times of year do you go? I’ve read that by mid June or so, those vessels are usually packed with travelers for the Summer season.

  6. mskerripa says:

    i would love to visit alaska some day

  7. Kwinnypoo says:

    I frequent the Alaska Marine Highway, and I find those boats to be rather empty and uneventful. This doesn’t seem to be an accurate representation at ALL! 😛 Lol… but I’ve never been on a ferry that goes to Dutch Harbor or anything, just south east Alaska ferries, Matanuska, Taku, Kennicott, Columbia, etc.