Golden Princess 2008 Alaska Cruise Ship Vacation Video

Our trip aboard the Golden Princess from Seattle to Juneau to Skagway to Ketchikan to Victoria and back to Seattle. It was a wonderful trip, especially the ride on the White Pass and Yukon Scenic Railway out of Skagway. I would highly recommend this trip.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Golden Princess 2008 Alaska Cruise Ship Vacation Video

  1. sweetblossom5 says:

    Great Video! I’ll be going on this cruise in July. Any recommendations on which excursions to do?

  2. tomperanteau says:

    Eight dislikes? Really? Would that be eight jealous people? Perhaps eight morons?

  3. railfunny says:

    @Classified978 It’s “Flying Condor” by Cusco. Thanks.

  4. Classified978 says:

    What is the music called

  5. Superwassaman1712 says:


  6. Niche79 says:

    looks cool, to bad you gotta fly all the way to WA state and thats along expensive flight from Florida! 🙂 But one day I will try

  7. RyguyDrummer15 says:

    i am going this cruise in 2 days!!!!

  8. JoBroDancer says:

    im going on this ship! and cruise! except our ship is also stopping at glacier bay national park too… beautiftul video by the way! thank you for posting! 😀

  9. railfunny says:

    I’m on today’s sailing also with some of my family, Lido deck 214. What a coincidence! We’re just doing the repositioning part of the cruise, which was $69 per person for the overnight run from Vancouver to Seattle. It will be short but sweet. We’re taking the Amtrak Cascades train from Seattle to Vancouver this morning to meet the ship, which is almost a cruise in itself.

  10. Freakinstien88 says:

    goin today in 2 hours!!:)

  11. iJustDontGiveAShit says:

    Doing this in July this video made me so excited!!!

  12. van3956 says:

    Thanks for the beautiful video and pictures. We are cruising aboard the Golden Princess in just 48 days, and I am so excited. Especially now!

  13. railfunny says:


  14. HabboRockz123 says:

    i love this song great music and cool vid might be going on this same cruise

  15. thecullengirls1 says:

    your freaking good at making vidieos, also i went to alaska cruise called golden or just princess

  16. crunchypopcorn19 says:

    yeah, and this is the wrong year… anyways i got swimmers ear 🙁

  17. addikted2kars says:

    this cruise was amazing. the weather wasnt the greatest though

  18. gabman6 says:

    You guys were lucky, when we went to Juneau, it was all fog. Couldnt see anything from the top of Mount Roberts

  19. PSP903 says:

    any one going on this ship the 28 hit me yp

  20. merosa60 says:

    “Flying Condor” by Cusco

  21. iKaClubStar says:

    whats the song? its awesome

  22. mmtgnm says:

    i went on this same cruise on this same trip

  23. dnk1002 says:

    This was an awesome video. I have cruised Princess several times but have not gone to Alaska yet. Really makes me want to go. Thanks for posting it.

  24. evanthecoolkid15 says:

    i was on that exact cruise!!!

    it was a great experience!

  25. VILeonidasV says:


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