What industries does texas and alaska have besides oil?

Question by Protect America from Republicans: What industries does texas and alaska have besides oil?
I have seen posts claiming that alaska and texas have the highest per capita income and lowest taxes.

If you take out the oil revenues those socialist states confiscate from the oil companies and all consumers who buy their gas, those sates are nothing but barren land.

What industries does alaska and texas have that are man-made?

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Answer by TXlawman
The great state of Texas has a great deal more than oil in its revenue. Texas has one of the largest shipping ports in the US (Houston) where billions of dollars of merchandise is imported/exported monthly. We are the largest producer of beef cattle in the US. Largest producer of rice in the US, second only to Louisiana in the sugar cane market. three of the largest airlines are based in Texas, along with the largest hospital corporation in America. Texas has the largest sustainable pine Forrest’s for timber production. Texas has an enormous tourism and cruise ship industry. Not to mention commercial fishing and shrimp boat operations and much more

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  1. littlemissknowitall says:

    Oil is what they call a “common property resource”. That means that it belongs to all of us, just like the salmon in the sea and the gold in the ground. Companies are given opportunities and often, incentives, to harvest these resources and to sell them for a profit. But part of the deal is that they have to pay the citizens who own the resource for the privilege of using resources that belong to us all.

    In addition to the oil industry, Alaska has strong timber, fishing, metal mining, and tourism industries. There are other minor industries, as well. No matter what the average income, there are people in both Alaska and Texas who are very poor.

    Manufacturing industry is prone to taxes as much as any other industry. As is agriculture, and other parts of our economy. Each state chooses how it will pay for roads, schools, hospitals, etc. and usually taxes profits, or property, or whatever else is available to them in their state.

    Like mining and the oil industry, manufacturing also uses up limited material resources.
    There are few industries that I can think of that do not consume materials at a great rate. The ones that come to mind are tourism, which relies on clean air and nice scenery, and intellectual industries such as research and invention. A software developer or medical researcher would be an example.

    Your question is interesting food for thought.

  2. Snow B says:

    I live in Alaska and have lived in Texas. Both states are big in the tourist industry. Both are big in the movie industry, too.

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