Hand feeding Hummingbirds – Ketchikan Alaska Tours

Feed them yourselves! www.alaskadiscoverytours.com. A hand fed Hummingbird video that is amazing. Taming the Alaskan hummingbird. These hummingbirds were filmed at our lodge in Alaska, no feeder required! Our lodge in Alaska has TONS of these little birds in the summer. Did you know their hearbeat can be as high as 1200 beats ber minute! Mother nature is amazing! These adorable hummingbirds eat right out of our hands here at the lodge. While setting up the cameras for some more handfeeding, these two little hummingbirds gave us “the shot”. Though I love the hummingbirds in Alaska, The majority only arrive after migrating from Mexico, looking for feeders along the way. Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere where we could watch baby hummingbirds in their nests. Some of those videos are amazing! NOTE We don’t use red dye anymore. We use 4:1 Water to sugar only. More information about Saltery Lodge: * Sign up for our Saltery Lodge mailing list at www.salterylodge.com * Purchase “the shot” at www.alaskagrand.com. * Visit http for more information on the lodge. * Visit our latest creation… iTalkDogs.com ( www.italkdogs.com ) and talk about…. Dogs! Man’s BFF. Help get the community started.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A film about alaska
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to Hand feeding Hummingbirds – Ketchikan Alaska Tours

  1. Tbolt1000TForLife says:

    whats the name of the song?

  2. jahlove111 says:

    so beautiful! amazing birds

  3. romuloVG says:

    How can someone not like this?

  4. DjLsdMixes says:

    my god, this is so beautiful.

  5. kikiiimarieexx says:

    breath taking footage

  6. BodyCareBoutique says:

    This had me in tears because of how precious these little ones are, and how they trusted big humans for the sake of food.

  7. TheQuezalcoatl says:

    What flowers do these exquisite birds feed from? It is wonderful to see them at a bird feeder, but would it be better for the birds to have them feed from flowers ?
    If the birds were to start relying on human intervention as their main food source, and you moved away or could not feed them , the birds might suffer.

  8. dthsythehell says:

    @r3ini ahahaa

  9. thedrake1954 says:

    Loved the humming birds! Now get rid of Sarah Palin and I’ll come!

  10. BabyLai7 says:

    They are so cute. I wish someday I can feed them bare handed. Thank you very much for sharing.

  11. scarface18707 says:

    lol wow I’ve never seen those down in Florida, those fuckers fly like insects! that’s awesome!

  12. n00berania says:

    The perfect shot’s a little misleading due to the nectar’s color but still, an excellent shot indeed!

  13. 2letmec says:

    truly remarkable and what a phenomenal experience for all, especially the children! Thank you so much for this wonderful video 🙂 Loved it

  14. yanskee1429 says:

    When I was watching these I feel like crying it’s wonderful …. Experiencing holding any kinds of bird in your hand is an achievement, I also wanted to experience that too …

  15. ZoeliA says:

    omg… I want to have the same experience!!!!!!!!!!!! I really love hummingbirds, they’re so cute

  16. linneasr says:

    Love the hummingbirds. Not so excited about the narrator’s endless self-promotion.

  17. panostsak says:

    Oh my god, they come from Mexico? How come they are not shot at the border?

    JK. Lovely video!

  18. r3ini says:

    Woah, in the thumbnail, I thought the red nectar in the guy’s hand was blood. I expected to see a short movie about killer hummingbirds 😮

  19. Dafixer97 says:

    Way good

  20. beerbelly133 says:

    Made me smile! Wonderful little creatures.

  21. Lavenderrose73 says:

    @ConfusingGamer I was not even focused on the music OR his voice, just the story being told about a family managing to handfeed the hummingbirds.

    I’ve been told years ago how fast one beats, although I wouldn’t remember how fast I was told. It *might* have been 1200, saying it was because of how fast their wings are flapping. I have painted lady butterflies since I got a butterfly and ladybug habitat combo set for Christmas. Having a butterfly on my hand is one of those natural highs.

  22. ConfusingGamer says:

    @Lavenderrose73 Also all I said was it was cheesy, it’s true because you have that type of music and the guys voice just sounds weird how he talks, looks at the description.
    Our lodge in Alaska has TONS of these little birds in the summer. Did you know their hearbeat can be as high as 1200 beats ber minute! Mother nature is amazing!

  23. ConfusingGamer says:

    @Lavenderrose73 But it’s your choice, isn’t it?

  24. Lavenderrose73 says:

    @ConfusingGamer Actually I’m a bit touchy because it seems so many people from everywhere just want to ridicule America, and it’s just unnecessary and disrespectful. If we cut on others, we’re just plain arrogant. (not that I endorse anyone here mistreating or cutting on others; I was very angry when I found out how Homeland Security treated international tourists who came out here with honorable intentions). If one of you, however, cuts on one of us, we just have to “get over it.”

  25. ConfusingGamer says:

    @Lavenderrose73 Plus the only reason your a bit touchy, is because I’m right 😛

  26. RebelRider2010 says:

    Home sweet Home.

    Alaskan grown right here.

  27. LoneWolf56632 says:

    i wish i could live in alaska… stuck in ohio

  28. SimontheSorceror says:

    Alaska should be independent hard to understand why it is not ?

  29. nyclaybreaker says:


    i heard the cost of living is alot higher there….

  30. Bootnknife says:

    So many people talk about what they wanna do, do few do it…If you wanna be in ALASKA, GO..

  31. Bootnknife says:

    @nyclaybreaker If i had a nickle for every person i heard say that, Id buy a new truck..JUST DO IT!..I did..Only regret is I didnt do it earlier..

  32. nyclaybreaker says:

    man….so awesome….really americas last frontier….

    I live in western NY…but one day I plan on living there.

  33. 1985woooman says:

    Me an my friends have a plan, in fact, it’s so big that i don’t even have enough characters remaining. but a short, simple to the point, is moving to Alaska, being rich, and so on. anyone got some good family names or estate names, i would be happy to hear what you’ve got

  34. babybaba1988 says:

    Beautiful place… I wanna live there!

  35. wdameron01 says:

    I’m gonna live there one day!!

  36. Moldovawineimporter says:

    I am a Alaskan guide now booking for 2011 summer so if anyone would like to hire me contact me soon !
    I do fishing, Glacier tours by boat off the beaten path and I have bear watching tours .
    I have a web site if you ask for it .

  37. Strykewolf says:

    It is both beautiful and harsh, up here. It’s a special kind of place.

  38. TheSambolini says:

    The most stunning land I have ever seen, Alaska is truly beautiful.

  39. yoyoholck says:


  40. MrCoolio0760 says:

    I want to live here when I graduate from college. Anybody know if there are any computer science jobs around?

  41. TheDreamer122 says:

    @Dragavon777 keep the dream alive because it was mine and i had the chance to live it.my lovely wife took me on a cruise of the inside passage and to canada and i can tell you if there is a heaven i have been there.to all those lucky enough to live there you have it all

  42. pacnorthwesterner says:

    I’ve been to both Sitka and Juneau to visit friends while on vacation, and from just those two locations, I hope one day to get to see the vast interior of Alaska.

  43. piajamiuku says:

    I was in Alaska/Homer 4 weeks in last septemper and what a amazing place! It u ever get the chance GO THERE!!!

  44. Dragavon777 says:

    it has been my life long dream to go to alaska, and it’s videos and images like these that give me every reason to keep aiming for that goal. A little piece of heaven if there ever was ^_^

  45. fischer3x3 says:

    Thank you.

  46. ufounvectordixi says:

    i am from czech republic,but i wil leave there soon

  47. elchico4321 says:

    you are right silvi0420. if some one says there is no place like alaska is because they have not been out of the country. and of course the rednecks always have to stick their heads in every little thing.
    And of course every state or country has its beauty and its getto just like alaska does too. and just like miami, los angeles, new york. so shut up! it all depends on where you want to live. or sometimes you have to.

  48. sixtiesforever1966 says:

    @onlyoneak Sooner or Later you will have illegal aliens up there taking the few jobs you have like here in the lower 48. Keep Alaska like it is. Alaska is a beautiful place.
    Heaven on Earth!

  49. TheatreNinja says:

    totally agree man, I use to live in dubois WY and moved to ak when i was 10 yrs old… since then ive been all over and tell ya what when im where i want to be it will be jackson hole or alaska..

  50. yanettfrank2008 says:

    hi Im moving to anchorage soon, thank u for this video