Passing through Canada, from Alaska…with pets-?

Question by Stacey: Passing through Canada, from Alaska…with pets-?
My husband and I will soon be traveling on orders, from Alaska to Washington. Rather than taking the Alaska Marine Highway all the way down, we are considering driving through Canada. However, we have two ferrets and a cat that we will be bringing along. I know we’ll need our passports, and the animals will need current shots/health records, but traveling with ferrets can sometimes be an issue. I was wondering if anyone has any info on doing this? Crossing the Canadian border with pets that is…Thank you! =)

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Answer by Karen L
Canadian Food Inspection Agency website has info on this. Look for Animals, then Pet Imports from the list on the left, then check under the type of pet. I think your bigger problem will be finding a motel that takes ferrets. Okay, I’ll make it easy. I just checked. Pet ferrets from the US are treated like dogs and cats. They need a rabies vaccination and paper proof of it.

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