how to book a tour to alaska?

Question by teena a: how to book a tour to alaska?
could you please tell me how to bbok a vacation to alaska?what is the best time to visit alaska?how much it will cost?
thank you

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Answer by Mitzie
alot depends on where you live…how far from start here are some sites:**

good luck, have a great vacation:)

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2 Responses to how to book a tour to alaska?

  1. tkahrs12122 says:

    Avoid a cruise, all you get to see is what the cruise line owns.
    Best if you fly into Anchorage and do your touring from there with a local outfit. A cruise for two 5 years age was 7,000.
    Month of June was lovely but the mosquitoes are BIG

  2. tom c says:

    check for vacation package.

    best time is June or Sep, July to Aug is very expensive, a hotel room costs $200 to 400 per night.

    I just came back from alaska, enjoy the white world, glaciers and wild animals, but many tourist sites is still close. 7 days trip costs $1300 total including $478 air ticket, hotel and rental cars. The food in AK is 20% more expensive then continetal states and gas was $3.60 last week.