Sarah Palin Paul Revere Flub

Sarah Palin is offering a new point of view when it comes to American history. The former Alaska Governor was in Boston on Thursday… as part of her bus tour. During a stop, she told reporters that Paul Revere’s historic midnight ride from Boston to Lexington during the Revolutionary War….complete with bells… was actually meant to warn the British.
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From the 18th to the 30th of April 2011 I did a small CD promotion tour around Holland and Belgium (Benelux). 12 Gigs in 13 days. Instead of filming the shows and putting a load of noisey, badly lit gig videos here on my youtube channel, I decided it would be much cooler to find interesting places and record special videos whilst driving around the 2 countries. This is the first video I did, at a beautiful watermill in Kollen, near Nuenen (close to Eindhoven) in Holland. There is a famous painting of this place by Van Gogh. The date – 19th April 2011. The piece of music is a guitar instrumental I wrote called “Canal Fishing” and will be on my forthcoming album, out on Black and Tan records in Autumn. You can hear more music, check out links, tour dates and sign up to my mailing list here – http Thanks for watching – DP David Philips uses Alaska Piks –
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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30 Responses to Sarah Palin Paul Revere Flub

  1. RobRoyRed42 says:

    Here is a good one that actually matters:
    “First time I saw 10th Mountain Division, you guys were in southern Iraq. When I went back to visit Afghanistan, you guys were the first ones there. I had the great honor of seeing some of you because a comrade of yours, Jared Monti, was the first person who I was able to award the Medal of Honor to who actually came back and wasn’t receiving it posthumously.”

    Except he DID receive it posthumously.

    Oh, and that was President Urkel. What a buffoon.

  2. Politicalboxers says:

    Check out the Sarah Palin bus ride video on you tube at Political Boxers.

  3. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @TCBMemphisT Well said, and thank you.

  4. TCBMemphisT says:

    I must say your all doing an excellent job of some wicked bell ringing while firing off a lot of nonsensical warning shots yourselves. Your all acting like some elitist lynch mob.They all made gaffes. Obama’s 57 states, Corpsmen, Hirohito gaffes…Bush’s nuculars.. Quayle’s Potatoes, the list goes on. Hear a real gaffe artist at work, see Biden’s bloopers, a certified crowned gaffe king, They’re politicians. Debate todays issues not how she eats pizza or if Revere rang his bells. Good grief!

  5. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 “Who cares if she got SOME correct, she should get the entire thing correct.”

    One word: Why?

  6. RobRoyRed42 says:

    Sara Palin was right about Paul Revere -US News and World Report
    Historians agree: Palin was right about Paul Revere – American Thinker
    You know how Sarah Palin said Paul Revere warned the British? Well, he did. Now, who looks stupid? – LA Times
    The media ride of Sarah Palin–The left does not revere history – Washington Times
    How Accurate Were Palin’s Paul Revere Comments? (professor says she got it right) – NPR
    Letter from Paul Revere to Jeremy Belknap, circa 1798 – Revere’s words. Google it

  7. RobRoyRed42 says:

    Instead of focusing on Sarah’s accurate, though poorly “prepared” remarks in this video, one may want to focus on something a little more relevant and important. In youtube just search this: UNBELIEVABLE OBAMA GAFFES, Mistakes, Lies, and Confusion

    Most of these are much worse, and when he was either specifically giving a PREPARED speech or otherwise in a position specifically designed for him to speak. And they are much worse, and one needent twist his meaning to see it.

  8. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 “we could always show ppl on the streets our discussion and guess whos thing would sound the stupidest. ”
    You mean the people who voted for president Urkel. Mr “57 states”? Mr the Japanese dropped “the bomb” on Pearl Harbor. I didn’t think he could possibly win the presidency because he could not string together two cohesive sentences on the fly. It was genius of his handlers to surgically attache a teleprompter to him and changed the world. 🙂

    Sarah is always speaking naturally

  9. RobRoyRed42 says:

    That’s good advice. Many here should take it. When I insult others it is supported by facts and information. If I say a man who has proven he cannot play basketball cannot play basketball, and I list the facts to back it up, I am not so much insulting him. I am making a statement of fact. Here is an insult: “This is more of a glimpse. A glimpse into the chimpanzee brain of Sarah Palin.” Arrogant ignorance on parade.

  10. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 “Calling ppl who disagree with you buffoons is simply asking for trouble and closes discussions into mindless rants.”
    Not all people who disagree with me are buffoons. But those here that still stick to the absurd notion that she did not know what she was talking about are. It is also a small window into why we have the people in gov. positions we do. Some of these buffoons vote.

  11. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 “The true buffoon is the one who does not use his common sense and is merely led by the nose by what he hears from others”

    Man, I’ll agree with that! 🙂 When I argue AGW, so many of the warmists do nothing but appeal to authority, even authority who’s reliability has been proven and demonstrated to be false and supported by deceit and outright lies. Now THAT is comical.

  12. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 “Suffolk is a small university so hes an outspoken minority against a vast majority of historians.”
    So, it’s down to ad-hominem. This is what arguments with liberals almost always digress to.

    That is not the only source. I quoted him specifically for one reason: Someone said the experts are not saying she got it right and this was the first article where a bona-fide expert said she did. QED
    So you want to say he did not have that authority – an unsupported claim.

  13. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 >>ok to put this all to rest. . . she did not know! << Actually, she DID know. She had just gotten the "tour" and learned some new information that she and most of us really don't know, and that was what percolated to the top when the question was asked, and she tried to describe the new information. It's that simple. I've been there. Interviewed on TV about something out of the blue. I did OK but not as well as if I had had just 10 seconds to formulate a response.

  14. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 And in your post may be the reasons our country is going down, and as fast as it is. But it is not just the US. It is the entire world that is on the precipice. This Palin thing really is a sideshow. The part of the story that is so fascinating is those that would so vilify her for her words stated in the context they were while ignoring grievous misstatements and just plain LIES by actual elected officials who are supposed to be representing them.

  15. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 I read the posts here and fully understand why this country has the president it does. This whole thread is arrogant ignorance on parade, and the only responses I am getting are verbose equivalents to “I’m rubber, you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.” Folks, test your thinking. Pick a person or politician you like and imagine they said what she said in that context. Now how do you see it? This is also an objectivity test.

  16. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 you do realize that you are proving your point invalid right? unless you were quoting him. what do you mean vet our info? suffer what consequences? this is not an attack on your ideals (since youre taking this personally). its just us laughing our butts off at someone’s stupidity and denial. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR! well i have thoroughly destroyed you today Im pretty sure youre the type that couldnt and wouldnt talk to other ppl on the street about these stupid arguments you have

  17. ProtossValor7 says:

    @Carpole4 THANK YOU! those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat their mistakes . . . thats the way things get better you make mistakes you accept them and you fix them and prevent them from ever happening again. . . . you dont say whatever i was right and outright deny it

  18. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 we could always show ppl on the streets our discussion and guess whos thing would sound the stupidest. DO NOT INSULT OTHERS TO TRY TO FORCE OPINIONS ON OTHERS!!! the world doesnt work that way. I may be talking back but i am still doing it far more effectively.

  19. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 I am not a liberal . . . I am a moderate . . . and all I can say is that if you think you are so right tell me the pros of the palin. Calling ppl who disagree with you buffoons is simply asking for trouble and closes discussions into mindless rants. Use high level thinking approaches to what you see and stop blindly following your parents beliefs. Your parents and your neighbors can be wrong on things. Also if you think any of what i said was stupid if we both repeat our

  20. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 their tracks so that they can have soccer mom as their candidates. The true buffoon is the one who does not use his common sense and is merely led by the nose by what he hears from others over common sense that if you thought things over analytically would show that they were wrong. I dare you to challenge your opinions of her. I have already put many of the pro and cons together of the presidential candidates and i already see which ones I would like from the Republican side

  21. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 She would just end up saying other stupid things to counter that criticism and make our great country look bad. 5) Politicians should get simple history correct like that. If she doesn’t care about history on promoting her history tour then what the heck is she even doing. If she doesn’t know her history of political and legislative actions in the past decade to century how can she effectively lead a nation. 6 and final point) i think the conservatives are just trying to cover

  22. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 get it ALL absolutely correct. Not 40-60%. Who cares if she got SOME correct, she should get the entire thing correct. 4) This entire thing is pointless she should have merely said I MADE A MISTAKE so what deal with it. Instead she continues to show a trend of thin skinned and she can’t take any criticism or anything whatsoever. If she ever (god forbid) became president and tried to have a foreign policy anything like Bush politicians and ppl all over the world would rebuke her

  23. ProtossValor7 says:

    @RobRoyRed42 For the love of God . . . ok i will calmly explain this to you. 1) Suffolk is a small university so hes an outspoken minority against a vast majority of historians. 2) why are you even giving me some random professor if you really need a history lesson take a class or go to wikipedia (you will get the essay wrong or get partial credit . . . very little depending upon the professor) 3) who cares that she had absolutely no clue if you are promoting American history than you should

  24. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @ProtossValor7 Interview with Professor ROBERT ALLISON (Chairman, History Department, Suffolk University) on NPR by Melissa Block. Wrap up question:

    BLOCK: So you think basically, on the whole, Sarah Palin got her history right.

    Prof. ALLISON: Well, yeah, she did. And remember, she is a politician. She’s not an historian.

    Google it. Read the interview. It’s pretty comical and makes those laughing at Palin look like buffoons.


  25. RobRoyRed42 says:

    @Carpole4 Well, president Urkel knows the Japanese dropped “the bomb” on pearl harbor. And Biden knows that FDR went on TV after the 1929 stock market crash to calm the people. 😀

    This whole attack on Sarah is absolutely hilarious. People need to vet their info before they go against her or suffer the consequences. 😉

  26. davidphilipsmusic says:

    @willstrattonmusic It’s a sweet guitar. I just got a really nice early 70’s Gibson J50. The BG60 keeps up with that no problem.. different sound and vibe, but nether is better than the other.. not bad for a 375 euro guitar eh?

  27. willstrattonmusic says:

    Nicely done, man! I’m thinking of getting a BG-60 myself…you are nudging me in that direction.

  28. TheTexas808 says:

    Wow! That Blueridge really sings!

  29. TheAleksandr108 says:


  30. TheStefy63 says:

    Thank you for this very pleasant moment .. it feels good !
    Good luck for your next album !