How to get the best Caribbean or Alaska cruise deal?

Question by zilch: How to get the best Caribbean or Alaska cruise deal?
The Caribbean and Alaska cruise probably are the most attractive to the people. Do you know how to get the best reliable cruise price including from where and when to begin make a reservation?

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Answer by The Cruise Ladies
You should contact a few travel agents and get some suggestions. You will want to find an agent that offers guidance and is not aggressive or pushy. When you are booking a cruise it is best to book early. As a Cruise Travel Agency owner, I can tell you that it requires many questions and then some work to get the best cruise for each client. There is no one size fits all. I try to ask questions that will help me suggest what I think is best for the cruiser. I work with my clients from start to finish and answer all their questions. It does not cost more to work with an agent when you are booking a cruise. Cruise lines rely on agents to do the work for them and bring the bookings to them. A good agent should explain any fees they have and any cancellation or penalties you will incur. I offer my guests all the cruise lines and am not pushy or aggressive, I look to build relationships not just a one time sale. Many agents work on the same principal. You will want to check out a few and find the one that suits you

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3 Responses to How to get the best Caribbean or Alaska cruise deal?

  1. timetravler says:

    Yes, two ways would get you the best prices. The first is using vacationstogo and the second is through a good regular travel agent. Or if you are a Costco or AAA member you can check with them too. It is not too soon to book a cruise to Alaska next summer. In fact the more advance booking the better the price is. You can have your travel agent let you know if the price reduces(rarely happens) and then have the new priced lowered for your cruise. I have gone on 3 Alaskan cruises and they still are my favorite cruises. But you will find an Alaskan cruise more money then a Caribbean cruise. This is because the Alaskan cruise season is only during the summer. Good luck and I can honestly say you can’t go wrong with either of these cruises. BTW, I think Princess is wonderful.

  2. ucbd says:

    If you know which particular cruise you are interested in, sign up for a price tracker that will send notifications when then price drops. Then you can use the travel agent to rebook at a lower price,

  3. randall_nd says:

    Any good travel agent knows the ropes ~ when to book, how long in advance to book, cruise itinerary, etc. has lots of good information and tips as well.