Inside Alaska Ferry Boat. (Harmonica, Guitar by Paul.)

A novelistic view of the interior of an Alaskan Ferry while stopping at Haines. Especially 2 huge murals of bears and moose. Original “Torso Sculpture” a musical composition by me and also I mean, it’s just a riff on the harp with some changes, but I’m still recovering from a broken left hand two years ago, set by Rob, the nurse in the Skagway clinic so I’m still a bit slow with the guitar hand. I couldn’t afford to fly to Juneau for a couple of pins. It’s a Blues Band made in China I picked up here in Ketchekan (Little Ketchie). The fourth finger’s a couple of mil shorter now so sometimes it’s a reach. I’ll have to get used to it or start playing the frets with the right hand.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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2 Responses to Inside Alaska Ferry Boat. (Harmonica, Guitar by Paul.)

  1. paulhallart says:

    Thanks, Greg! Good on ya, mate. Yeah, Alaska is made of mountains. Less than a million people year round.

  2. Gregparkerblues says:

    Thanks for another trip in Alaska. Haines harmonica: 5/5