North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton

North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton The Klondike Gold Rush The Klondike Gold Rush was a frenzy of gold rush immigration to and gold prospecting in the Klondike near Dawson City in the Yukon Territory, Canada, after gold was discovered in the late 19th century. In August 1896, three people led by Skookum Jim Mason (a member of the Tagish nation whose birth name was Keish) headed up the Yukon River from the Carcross area looking for his sister Kate and her husband George Carmack. The party included Skookum Jim, Skookum Jim’s cousin known as Dawson Charlie (or sometimes Tagish Charlie) and his nephew Patsy Henderson. After meeting up with George and Kate who were fishing for salmon at the mouth of the Klondike River, they ran into Nova Scotian Robert Henderson who had been mining gold on the Indian River, just south of the Klondike. Henderson told George Carmack about where he was mining and that he did not want any “damn Siwashes” (meaning Indians) near him. The group then headed a few miles up the Klondike River to Rabbit Creek, now Bonanza Creek to hunt moose. On August 16, 1896, the party discovered rich placer gold deposits in Bonanza (Rabbit) Creek. It is now generally accepted that Skookum Jim made the actual discovery, but some accounts say that it was Kate Carmack. George Carmack was officially credited for the discovery because the “discovery” claim was staked in his name. The group agreed to this because they felt that other miners would be reluctant to recognise a
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25 Responses to North To Alaska ~ Johnny Horton

  1. lolarogo1 says:

    This made me smile. My grandpa used to take me and my brother to school in the early mornings before my mom came home from work because she worked midnights, and my grandpa always listened to this and “The battle of New Orleans” and it just made me think about him and brought back some great memories, he passed away almost 3 years ago. Thanks for the Memories!

  2. seamusdog420 says:

    Good job on the video!!!

  3. austlinorway says:

    Alaska vs Norway

  4. StudentTorget says:

    Alaska vs Norway

  5. itisskippy says:

    i love this song, and the movie was good to. I used to get up early on Satrudays and lisen to it with my daddy.

  6. avatar00101 says:

    this song flippin rock johnny horton is the 1 of the best singers ive herd

  7. darush012 says:

    good song and funny movie

  8. DoraDead101 says:


  9. granto2211 says:

    Gerry Cronin did a brilliant job on this oldie when he sang with the Johnny Flynn Showband in Ireland in the 60’s

  10. margarittiabella says:

    I love this song…brings back lovely memories.. when my dad used to sing it. susan..In Australia, a long way from Alaska..!

  11. kirby1245 says:

    I love this song!!

  12. lorenaoenglish says:


  13. jray1298 says:

    well im only 14 and this song is inpressed in my mind cuz my mom and dad listen to this stuff

  14. 13Isabel13 says:

    mitchel davis haha x)

  15. PrincessBride3 says:

    i <3 the movie North to Alaska too.

  16. PrincessBride3 says:

    i <3 Alaska!

  17. LasstdieFingerweg says:

    awesome song! i hear it the first time and it is really great

  18. CashPresley32 says:

    She would have made a great vice president though, or president if anything happened to John McCain.

  19. caliche007 says:

    What a great singer.. Brings back memories

  20. dboc2000 says:

    Wow!! What an amazing song!

  21. vickieroark says:

    I remember standing on the “hump” in the back seat of my daddy’s 56 ford and singing this song with him. I was five years old and we really worked it out. 🙂

  22. bandnerdchair1 says:

    OMG!!! I have not heard this song in years!!! it really brings back memories

  23. spinrock9 says:

    My dad ran a coffee shop in Palatka, Florida in the early 60’s. I used to run around and play there as a little squirt and this song played on the juke box alot. Imprinted in my young brain for sure. I think of my dad and that little diner every time I hear this song. Memories………

  24. codylovesfords says:

    lol nice

  25. tazztower44 says:

    what an amazing voice.i wished i could go back.