How to make best and economical tour of Alaska ?

Question by Ravinder N: How to make best and economical tour of Alaska ?
I want to use rail road, land and some short cruise trips. let me know the best attractions which can be covered with in 6-7 days

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Answer by DavidR
There’s a free Cruise Travel Guide at:

that has a lot Cruise tips in it so it may help. It also has some travel links in it to cheap deals sites.

Also, this review site had some good stuff last time I looked at it:

Hope it helps

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  1. s2pified says:

    Alaska is fabulous.
    Take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system. Since many of Alaska’s communities are coastal and there are few inland highways in some parts of Alaska, the Alaska Marine Highway ferry system is how most Alaskans get around. This is also a great way for tourists to see Alaska. There are many different routes. You can visit many different towns. You can jump ship for a few hours a some locations. Or you could stay for a few days and catch the next ferry to continue along. There are small cabins (with bathroom/shower) or in nice weather you can camp out on deck. There are park rangers on these ferries who will help point out whales and dolphins and porpoises. And they run seminars throughout the day. The cafeterias offer tasty fresh food. You can drive your car onto the ferry or you could rent when you get further north. I highly recommend this way to travel. Much better than a cruise – smaller, more intimate, friendly, much much less expensive, more versatile, able to go to travel to more locations than a cruise ship (due to smaller size.) Also you can hook up with the BC Ferry system from Vancouver or Seattle.
    Enjoy your trip. It’s stunningly beautiful!

  2. Klondike John says:

    With only 6-7 days you are going to be limited as to what you will be able to see. Keep in mind Alaska is 2.5 times the size of Texas with 5 distinct geographic regions. Putting a map of Alaska over a map of the continental states, Alaska stretches from Pensacola, Fl to San Fransisco, Ca.

    So, with only a week, hook up with a Glacier Discovery Cruise (Northbound). You’ll start in Vancouver, British Columbia, and terminate the cruise in either Whittier, or Seward, Alaska. This gives you a lot for only a week.

    While on your cruise you’ll stop in Haines or Skagway either one will give you the opportunity to ride The White Pass and Yukon Route (WPYR). One of the last remaining narrow gauge trains in the world. This was the rail built in 1899 carrying the Klondike Stamper’s to the Goldfields of Dawson City.

    If you want some interior travels, you are going to have to push your time frame to at least 12-14 days. This will give you lot more options. A twelve day trip can include a brief cruise and then the WPYR, a trip to the Yukon territory and Whitehorse, Dawson City. Continuing to Alaska and Fairbanks, Denali, and Anchorage.

    Lots of tours and options as the window of time opens. Some tours are more all inclusive, which means meals and attractions are included in the price, and thus are more economical in the long run.

    Check out the various links below as they will show you all kinds of goodies. If you need additional, just ask, I have been a Alaska Tour Guide for 28 years. I also included a link to a tour I conducted last year which shows some of the things to do and such, not just pictures but video as well.