Q&A: which route and ship should we choose for Alaska cruise?

Question by Shingmine: which route and ship should we choose for Alaska cruise?
we are planning to go on a Alaska Cruise, which route and ship do you recomment?

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Answer by Time travler
I took a cruise/tour with Princess and it was my all time favorite cruise thus far. I have done 8 with Princess. We flew to Fairbanks, stayed overnight, then took a train to Denali, stayed there 3 nights, then took another train to the port. With Princess, you stay at there own lodges which are truly beautiful. We then sailed to Juneau, Ketichekan, and of course the inside passage. That was the best part, but I loved every thing about the trip and Princess has some of the best shore excursions ever.

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6 Responses to Q&A: which route and ship should we choose for Alaska cruise?

  1. rick d says:

    On a 7 day cruise North or South bound all stop at pretty much the same ports. The only real difference is you starting & ending points. As for ships I like Norwegian or Princess for the casual attire & you can still dress up if you wish, food, service. Holland is first class all the way.
    However if you have the time a cruisetour is the best way to see Alaska. The big difference on cruisetours is on the landtour where they go. For a cruisetour Princess is the best. You stay at 5 star lodges & the only line that if a problem does come up are willing to work with you during or afterwards. I have been to Alaska 23 times and still can not see enough of the wildlife, Natural Beauty.
    Whatever line or Route Enjoy.
    Also if you choose a cruisetour becareful as some lines will charge more for doing the landtour first.
    Call 1-800-Princess for a free DVD on Alaska cruises/cruisetours.

  2. Bergy Bit says:

    Definitely the best one (expensive though) for Alaska is the tour with the Cruise West company. They had a mega yacht Spirit of Oceauns with luxurious cabins, vety friendly and relaxed atmosphere (max number of passengers about 100), and the best cruise staff I ever seen (they take it very seriously). They practice not only cruising but zodiaking with wet landings! I worked there for while…not easy for a worker but all passengers were definitely happy, and intereresting people by themselves, too

  3. Rick S says:

    I just completed a cruise through the Inner Passage last September and I would recommend it. Most cruise lines offer this and are basicly the same. The difference I think is the activities you do off the ship. I would suggest whale watching, and the dog sled adventure. Anything you do, or anyplace you go it is beautiful. I’m sure you will enjoy it no matter what you do. Have a great time.

  4. abcd says:

    Choosing a cruise is entirely upto you and you’ll get a lot of advise. Just avoid Volendam, Veendam as they are older and relatively smaller. Oosterdam, Zaandam, all others are excellent.

    Both northbound and southbound cruises are fine. Some ships do not go to Sitka and Haines. Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway are major destinations.

    Look for convenience of flights to decide where to start from. Seattle, San Francisco and Vancouver are where they start from. Seattle is perhaps the most convenient.

    Happy Cruising!
    Majestic Gems

  5. randall_nd says:

    Carnival Spirit out of Seattle