What is the best way to get to Glacier Bay National Park?

Question by That one guy.: What is the best way to get to Glacier Bay National Park?
I’m planning a road trip this summer from northern California up to Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. However, I’m having trouble figuring out a good way to get into the national park without chartering a private boat or a plane, which might be a little bit out of our budget. I’d like to drive to a point that allows us to spend the least amount of time traveling on the marine highway or by plane. Can someone with more experience with this give me an idea of how to go about doing this?

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Answer by AKpilot
Haines is as close as you’re going to get by car. Beyond that, there are no roads, like much of the state. If you just want to see the park, then a flightseeing trip would be the best option. If you plan on hiking around in the park or backpacking, you’ll need to find a boat to take you there and pick you up. Either way it’s a fairly expensive proposition. Due to its relative inaccessibility, most people visit it via cruise ship.

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