Travel to Alaska with a pet

Pet’s are often part of the family. With a little advance planning you can bring your pet along when you travel on the Alaska Marine Highway.
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Alaska ferry boat sailing the Inside Passage of Southern Alaska. The AK ferry terminal is some distance out of town. u can see majestic mountains and blue on blue as she sets out to more open waters. On this ride, I was taking our car and some things from Skagway to Ketchikan in South Alaska. The Marine Highway is just about the only way to go, though u can also ship the car and fly, maybe some get there that way. Others have their own boats. Boating in AK waters is a big deal, in swift currents, if u fall in the water it can be fatal in a couple of minutes. Huge amount of boating fatalities are from guys falling into the water. even with the flotation vest, just a couple of minutes and that’s that.

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