What are the best sights to see on an Alaska Cruise?

Question by Ryan: What are the best sights to see on an Alaska Cruise?
I am considering an Alaska cruise for next summer and I was wondering which sights can’t be missed…the Gulf of Alaska? Hubbard Glacier? Inside Passage? Tracy Arm Fjord?

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Answer by Barbara
Definitely the Inside Passage to see the glaciers. I loved Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and for a little Russian flavor Sitka. Good luck, no matter where you go it will be beautiful and an experience of a lifetime. I am so jealous

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3 Responses to What are the best sights to see on an Alaska Cruise?

  1. timetravler says:

    The best is Glacier bay. Then it is the inside passage. In Skagway, my favorite excursion was the white pass railroad. I loved this so much I’m doing it again soon. You will not go wrong booking a cruise to Alaska. Best cruise ever!

  2. sally b says:

    Everyone has their own favorite , but you cannot miss the “don’t miss spots” because they are all around you all the time. We went white water rafting to a glacier and their were seals on little chunks of ice floating beside us. Watching the bear feed on salmon, riding on a dogsled, flying over glaciers and landing on one. Many more excellent choices that you can do, no matter which itinerary.

  3. Allison says:

    I used to live in Anchorage and now I live in Ketchikan. Anchorage was cool, but I LOVE living in the inside passage. It is so green and the mountains are gorgeous. There is plenty of wildlife everywhere. Eagles, Black Bear, Orca Whales, Seals, Salmon. You name it, we got it. If you come to Ketchikan and want to see wildlife, try to take a cab to Herring Cove. Black Bear are down there all the time when the tide is out…hungry for salmon.
    http://www.ketchikanblog.com has great tips and suggestions on the “must do” excursions and tours in town.