What is the penalty in Alaska for shooting animals out of a helicopter?

Question by kingpuffy117: What is the penalty in Alaska for shooting animals out of a helicopter?
I heard Gov. Palin liked to do this once in a while. Problem is that it against the law in Alaska. So much for family values huh?

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Answer by marshfield_meme
Just because you heard it doesn’t make it so.

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13 Responses to What is the penalty in Alaska for shooting animals out of a helicopter?

  1. BiggieB says:


  2. musicimprovedme says:

    Well, if the animal has a seatbelt, I don’t see how you can possibly shoot them OUT of the helicopter. So it’s their own fault if they fall when they get shot.


    I have no opinion on this matter! AND I know I didn’t answer correctly!

  3. sociald says:

    No as long as you have the proper license/permit it is legal. Nice try though.

  4. Sir Readalot says:

    If that is true, and they just left the carcass there to rot or be eaten by scavengers, then it reveals a sick mentality that delights in killing just for the sake of killing.

    I don’t know that it is true, just because I read it here on Y.A.

  5. regina s says:

    whatt the helll?
    why would anyone even do that?

    first off, i hate hunters, what is the point of hunting when we have safeway?

    second, its not even hunting, if hes in a freaking helicopter, thats gives him such an advantage plus he of course had a gun with him.

    i think that if you are going to hunt, you should do it in fairness with the animals, so they dont usee guns, then you dont use guns, they dont usee helicopters, you dont use helicopters.


  6. Fund baby says:

    Shooting the animals OUT of a helicopter?? Geez man I’d give him points just for being able to do it – what was he using.. the worlds smallest cannon? 🙂 Now shooting animals FROM a helicopter? take the blades off the top!

  7. MrFreedom says:

    Generally, government, not sport hunters, are the ones who partake in this activity, and they do so to “thin the herd”. Usually, the “herd” is wolf populations.

  8. Rusty Varner says:

    I don’t know. Did you hear space aliens landed on the white house lawn.

  9. Princess Leia says:

    Hahahaahahahhahahahhahahha… I love animals, really, but I just got a mental pic of someone shooting squirrels out of a helicopter using some kind of air bazooka.

    Now shooting animals “from” a helicopter? I think you would probably face firearms and illegal hunting charges… Both state and or federal charges, so I’m assuming the charges would be pretty hefty. Whatever sick bastard who decided to do that definitely needs to be punished severely.

    Hmmm… sick bastard… VP candidate… think about it people.

  10. ea2008 says:

    This made me laugh. haha it sounded like you were the one shooting the actual animal out of a helicopter.

  11. starrycolorado says:

    I think the penalty should be putting the person who does this in a fence with said animal with no knife, gun or weapon whatsoever. Has about as much chance as the poor animal this coward kills. But that’s just me.

  12. Shelby R says:

    They shoot wolves from aircraft because the wolf packs destroy the moose and caribou herds. The same caribou all the environmentalists are so concerned will be harmed if we drill in ANWAR. If you haven’t been up here and have not sen the devastation wolves can cause then you really don’t have a clue what the need is. This year because of a lack of proper wolf control we had wolves coming into the city and attacking people and their pets. Many pet dogs were eaten by the wolves leaving only the dog collar. So make your choice, lots of wolves and no moose, carabou and pet animals or shooting a few wolves to save the rest.

  13. Glacierwolf says:

    You are a complete and total idiot.

    The penalty is:
    1. Forfuture of the helicopter and all equipment inside it.
    2. Forfiture of all equipment used for the illegal act, including anything used to support the activity.
    3. $5,000 fine and up to 5 years in jail.

    No helicopter owner of pilot would ever let anyone hunt from their helicopter.