What tours do you recommend for a cruise to Alaska?

Question by sophie: What tours do you recommend for a cruise to Alaska?
I am going on a cruise to Alaska and i am wondering what tours would you recommend for me to go on. Also, do you think it is a better idea to order thetours on tehcruse or by phone b4 i go on the cruise

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Answer by timetravler
The white pass railroad is a must do in Skagway. You can book this before the cruise either with the cruise company or with the railroad itself. The main advantage of booking it through the cruise company is it picks you up right at the terminal/ If it is raining this is a big plus. I also like what is called the bike and brew. You go on a nice 9 mile bike ride and then they take you to the Alaskan beer brewery. This is in Juneau. Do not book the Mt Roberts tram because if it is rainy or very cloudy, then it is not worth it. But if it is clear, then this is pretty cool. You can get off the cruise ship, walk 1/4 mile and then go on the tram on your own and save a couple of dollars to boot. In Ketchikan I liked going on my own and walking to creek street where you can shop like crazy, see a fish ladder and maybe lots of salmon too. I’ve been on 3 cruises to Alaska with the last one this past May. You will love an Alaskan cruise.

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  1. WillyFogg says:

    Whale Watch in Juneau…
    Rather than booking with the ship though, there is a tour place right across the road from where the ship docks (just above the gift shops), I don’t remember the name of it but it is a huge purple sign over the door… Best whale watching tour I have ever done, and probably best value too, and I have been to Alaska loads of times (crew member).
    If you are looking for some decent wildlife sightings, you should hit the rubbish dump in Ketchikan where you can get some really good black bear sightings. I know this is a little unorthadox, and you don’t want to spend your vacation scrambling around rubbish dumps, but believe me the best tips always come from the crew as passengers are just herded around like sheep (that is not to say there are not great tours from the ship, because there are). You only need about one to two hours to get there and back, allowing for time to get some sightings, so you still have plenty of time in Ketchikan to enjoy the town itself, probably my favourite on the Alaska cruise run.
    Whatever you, I am sure you will have a fabulous time as Alaska is by far one of the most beautiful parts of the world I have ever seen (just to put in perspective, I have been to 82 different countries).

  2. Chuck says:

    I just got back from a cruise to Alaska’s Inside Passage. The prices for many tours were expensive. We chose to create our own tours. We saw a lot and had a blast. See web page below (and the web pages on Victoria BC, Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay Alaska) for more detail.

    Having said this, if you have your heart set on a tour, go for it. You may not pass this way again.



  3. Catherine says:

    Have a look at this cruise and answers section here
    there is loads of info about excursions in alaska from people that have done them

  4. miss bizzy says:

    Definitely the white pass train ride in Skagway. The view is amazing. You might see some bears along the line if you take the afternoon ride. I booked the tour on the cruise. Everything’s fine.

    Oh forgot. If your cruise stop in Victoria, Canada, take a tour to butterfly garden. You’ll love it. Butterflies there are so friendly. They land on your fingers, and you can take good pictures too.

  5. ﺕ SB22 ټ says:

    Depends on where you’re stopping. Are you going to fly into Anchorage? If you are spending any time in Anchorage, I’d rent a car & go to Seward for the day. (Its a 2 hour drive & is worth taking just for that) but Seward is great, good restaurants (Eat at Rays on the docks), a sealife center that is really good, tons of shops & art galleries & just really pretty place to spend time in. On the way to the Seward there is a animal refugee center, its not a zoo but a place that takes care of hurt or abandoned wildlife, its really neat to see too! You can also check the train there or anywhere really, but I’d rather drive it. I always say avoid Denali tours (which many cruise ships include these in their tour packages, its off the water of course, but they include a train ride there & hotel & food, etc.) I lived in AK for 13 years & the one & only time I went on the tour to Denali, I hated it. Most people say they love it & disagree with me, but I didn’t see anything, the people are rude & they are SO expensive, I see a lot more staying in Anchorage.

    Not sure if you’re leaving on your cruise from Seward or Whittier, but try to spend time in those places, Whittier is tiny little nothing spot, but really interesting to see. Not sure about the other tours offered for Sitka & Juneau & Skagway, etc., but I would recommend NOT booking until you are on the cruise or even off at the ports. Every time someone books a tour before the cruise they end up loosing money & regret not waiting till they got to the ports & booked off the ship. Cheaper, more variety is available & you can really decide which you want to do there instead of looking at brochures or web pages.

    Have fun! you WILL love it!