Will Alaska be a refuge during the Armageddon? Should I start packing?

Question by lazylazymo: Will Alaska be a refuge during the Armageddon? Should I start packing?
For many years, Sarah Palin attended a church that preaches that Alaska will be a refuge for Christians during the end times. When she and her new boyfriend John start World War III by attacking Russia, will that start the end times? Should I move to Alaska now? or wait until after the election. I’m scared. Thanks for your help.

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Answer by gimzani
If you are being serious – don’t be scared… …Obama’s the better Candidate, but if Sarah and Johnny win, it will only serve to prove what we all thought to be true.

American Elections ARE rigged!


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13 Responses to Will Alaska be a refuge during the Armageddon? Should I start packing?

  1. tattyR says:

    pack as fast as you can………and run as fast as your feet can afford to carry you…………where will you run to poor creature????

  2. vivicabowles says:

    Sure, let me know how that works out for you.

  3. Gandalf's Ghost says:

    The only good thing about her ever leaving Alaska is that the moose population is safer.

  4. Bibs says:

    Wow. Very creative.

  5. Jonathan Edwards says:

    There will be “no” place to hide.

  6. Thomas M says:

    Alaska will be the first place to get nuked!
    I’m all for mass christian migration!

  7. Logan S says:

    Nope, it’ll cover the whole world. Tuck your head between your legs and kiss your ass good bye.

  8. THE MIGHTY RA says:

    Yes all christians should move there now just in case, I would suggest the far north east of the region, pack light and good luck

  9. cosmo says:

    Also, global warming will make it a lot nicer up there.

  10. Who are you? says:

    Armageddon or not, if the US is ever invaded (and I’m still here) I would prefer death at the onset of said event.

  11. Gregory S says:

    World War three will start over Israel and the middle east.

    Sarah Palin will not start it, the Russia and their allies will. Then the Antichrist will intervene with his armies.

  12. MR D says:

    leave the west coast it is soon to fall into the sea

  13. reginamichelle says:

    Instead of making jokes about Palin maybe you should start researching the candidate? Just a suggestion. I understand that Obama supporters have to go after Palin because McCain has such a wonderful history of serving his country that to go after him would be political suicide. I don’t know if this has escaped your notice but McCain is the person running for President.

    I want a president that has a firm grasp of National Security and I don’t think Obama could even get security clearance if he was in the private sector, that’s a pretty bad thing for someone vying for commander in chief.

    I want a president who didn’t sit on his behind while our country was at war but actually served our country with dignity and honor. No one understands our country better than those who have served it. I believe Obama said he thought about serving in the armed services but decided to do something else? If you can’t serve our country then personally I don’t think you can run our country.

    If you want to put religion on the table when considering a candidate, then consider this. Obama is pro abortion and partial birth abortion, he voted present (which means NO) on a bill that would give medical care to babies born alive after an attempted abortion. Yes he’s a real saint when it comes protecting the lives of innocent victims.

    Love in Christ,